2017 CCDA National Conference Speakers

Pastor Gail Song Bantum — Gail is the Executive Pastor at Quest Church in Seattle, WA. Her passion is to prophetically call people, groups, and organizations to become all that God says they are, through the lens of Identity, Leadership Development, and Discipleship. As a second generation Korean American, formed in the Korean immigrant and […]

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A Pentecost Reflection

Dear Familia, This past Sunday, churches across the globe celebrated Pentecost, the day we as Christians mark the arrival of the Holy Spirit after the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ. As I have considered the significance of this time in history and this moment in ours, I am drawn to a place of reflection, resilience and […]

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This year’s national conference in Detroit follows the 50th anniversary of the Detroit uprising. Detroit’s journey has been one that puts a premium on resilience. Experiencing wave after wave of struggles like urban unrest, economic disinvestment, housing market collapse, and bankruptcy, has brought the city to its knees. Despite the hardships, Detroiters still stand resolved […]

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Hispanic Evangelical Leaders Send Letter to DHS Secretary Kelly

In celebration of Pentecost Sunday national leaders request meeting and seat at the table around immigration security & policing Hispanic Evangelical leaders from four national organizations: Esperanza USA, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, the Christian Community Development Association and Bread for the World sent a joint letter today to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kelly. […]

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Stay Connected with CCDA

Are you passionate about seeing Christians fully engaged in transforming under-resourced communities? Stay connected with the Christian Community Development Association for inspiration, training and connection with like minded people around the world. Check out these great ways to connect! Become a member. Members get access to lots of great resources like our forums and free and […]

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Conference registration rates go up on June 1st

Resilience is essential to being effective and sustainable over long periods of time in the work of Christian Community Development. Like a flower erupting between cracks in a parking lot, deep rootedness in the strength of the Lord and His power (Eph. 6:10), makes resilience possible. Perseverance through hardship and vision for what is not […]

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Emerging Leader Award

Do you know somebody making a difference in lives and communities affected by poverty? Somebody who, motivated by Christ, is responding to the needs of a community and confronting the systems that perpetuate the underlying problems? Wheat Ridge Ministries is looking for these inspired Christian leaders to apply for the Emerging Leader Award. The award will […]

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National Student Leadership Intensive

In 2006, several CCDA pioneers faced up to a hard reality. Although they had individually mentored scores of young people over their 25+ years in CCD ministry, they hadn’t developed a program to pass their knowledge on to younger generations. This realization gave birth to the first National Student Leadership Intensive (NSLI) in Miami 2008 […]

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My first CCDA Conference

I’ll never forget the Fall of 2002. It was my first CCDA Conference held at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California. Being new to the world of urban ministry I wasn’t sure what to expect, and what I found was well beyond anything I anticipated. There was a sense of family in the CCDA network […]

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Is your membership up to date?

The deadline for our “grandfathered membership” (those who were already members during our recent transition to our new structure) renewals is coming up on April 30th. If you’ve already gotten your login information you can check your account status and renew here. If you think you are a member, but can’t remember the last time […]

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Christ the Convict

As we enter into Holy Week I hope we don’t miss the importance of Christ being a prisoner. Jens Soering, in The Convict Christ, reflects on this outrageous and intentional decision, “When God chose to take on human flesh, he did not become a priest or a monk, a king or a general, a poet […]

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