Mass Incarceration

Mass Incarceration

CCDA communities know firsthand the impacts of mass incarceration and are working to develop a strategic, sustainable advocacy platform to influence systemic change. We are actively engaging people in our association and the broader community through education, leadership development and bringing our experiences and understanding to public square.

While it is essential to look at the systemic injustices and work to ensure that there are just public policies in place at federal, state and local levels when engaging mass incarceration, people can also engage the issue with solutions beyond a legislative response.

Churches and community-based programs that work with prevention, intervention, support for families separated by incarceration, and re-entry are all essential to providing support to those impacted by this growing phenomenon. We, as faith communities, need to look for opportunities to serve those affected with support services.

Mass Incarceration Resources

Mass Incarceration Resources Download these resources to help educate and strengthen your community’s collective understanding of the issues around mass incarceration and how to get involved in collaborative change. Set the Captives Free Webinar White Paper on Mass Incarceration Resource List Advocacy on our blog

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Mass Incarceration Action

Mass Incarceration Action Events CCDA currently sponsors two action events: Locked in Solidarity and Reel Justice, Engaging Mass Incarceration Through Film Locked in Solidarity (LIS) is our national awareness and advocacy day for mass incarceration. It is held the second Thursday of February. CCDA cities across the country set aside this day to educate the […]

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