Join a Changemaking Generation Who Are Creating a Better World

Looking toward the Market Solutions pre-conference event in LA, we wanted to note some of the good work being done in the realm of social entrepreneurship. In his latest book, author and changemaker Tom Sine inspires us to join the movement of leaders offering creative solutions to the problems of our day. His book highlights the work of social and cultural changemakers who are leading the way in reimagining how we do church, business, and community, towards a better world.

As CCDA leader and fellow social changemaker Ivan Gonzalez reflected, “What if Tom Sine is right? What if God is working through millennials, gen-y and gen-z’s who don’t know Him as we’d like them to know Him and yet know Him like He wants them to know Him? Tom’s use of provocative questions and humble inquiry will enliven what’s possible.

Tom’s book stimulates our imaginations to peer a little beyond the glass that we currently see through dimly to a multitude of possibilities where young creatives and justice seekers are iterating new expressions of the church and exciting new social enterprises; helping to solve some of the most pressing human challenges. There are also examples of community empowerment, ways in which communities combine their collective wisdom and experience to address some of those same challenges.

Tom’s encouragement and/or admonition is to pay attention to their voices, their gatherings, and their way of viewing the world. Examples abound where God is at work in the marketplace and on mainstreet, sparking new ways for the church to be the church, for young and old to work together to see expressions of the kingdom of God never before seen, causing all of creation to celebrate the manifestations of the children of God.

These expressions aren’t controversial, they are life-giving. They approximate Isaiah 58 as their working theology and Zech 8:5’s vision of old people sitting in the streets, with a crowd of children playing close by. Human flourishing in the midst of shalom is the end goal. A must read for the church in this century.”

Live Like You Give A Damn! will implore you to do just that, through inspiring stories of people living out the hope and love of Jesus Christ, Tom’s book will invite you into a catalytic movement of changemakers.

Join the movement of social changemakers gathering for the Market Solutions pre-conference event in LA. This is an opportunity for anyone desiring to learn best practices for establishing and expanding businesses and creating jobs in an effort to increase opportunity and reduce poverty. Tom is looking forward to coming to both Market Solutions and the CCDA conference to meet the innovators that are leading this changemaking celebration and others who want to join the movement.

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