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A word from our CEO

Dear familia:

It was so good to see many of you in Raleigh last month. We had a great time challenging one another to engage in developing flourishing neighborhoods throughout our nation and world. By all accounts, the conference was inspiring and challenging for all who attended. I invite you to put it on your calendar to join us in Memphis next year.

I want to take this time to inform those of you who did not attend the conference that I am taking a six-month sabbatical, which began Oct. 9.

I am so grateful to our board and to our staff for allowing me to have this time away with Marianne. My prayer is that we will come back more refreshed than ever to continue providing leadership for CCDA for years to come.

Please pray for Dave Clark and the entire CCDA staff team who will be leading in my absence.

I look forward to seeing you next spring just as my new book, “Where the Cross Meets the Street,” is released by InterVarsity Press.

Much love,

Noel Castellanos
CEO & President, CCDA

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