#Flourish14 workshop highlights

With some 80 workshops on this year’s #Flourish14 agenda, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Here are a few highlights: Our CEO, Noel Castellanos, will be presenting “Where the Cross Meets the Street,” also known as his CrossTalk. In addition, Shane Claiborne will be sharing about “Scrap Notes from the Revolution.”

Both Castellanos and Claiborne’s workshop presentations will be in larger workshop venues, accommodating up to 300 participants.

Two other broad-interest workshops also will accommodate larger crowds: Dawnielle Miller and Don Coleman will team teach an overview of CCDA’s 8 Key Components called, “Overview of CCD Philosophy.”

And in a can’t-miss workshop led by longtime CCDA veterans and founders, Dr. John Perkins, Mary Nelson, and Wayne “Coach” Gordon will present, “Stories from Our Founders.”

If these four highlighted workshops don’t resonate, there are 76 others to choose from. Or, choose from our other three afternoon options: Conversations, Go & Sees, and Action Tanks.

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