Youth Empowerment Institute

Dr. Daniel White Hodge to Teach on Youth Leadership


Exclusive 2012 Pre-Conference Offering
Dr. Hodge, shares refined leadership development models from his seventeen years of youth work. His class, Youth Leadership Development: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders, is designed to engage ministry leaders to better understand youth empowerment within their local context. It presents best practice models for youth and young adult leadership development within the CCD philosophy. This class will only be available at CCDA’s Pre-Conference Institute. Register now.

In Touch With Culture
Dr. Hodge has a unique perspective as one of the world’s few Hip Hop scholars. Completing his dissertation at Fuller Seminary on the gospel of Tupac Shakur, he has focused his ministry on connecting the Academy and the Church to youth in the streets. He is a leader in an emerging group of scholars relating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Hip Hop and the culture at large. In a recent interview at Calvin College, Dan encourages us to look past the commercialized facade put on Hip Hop and culture as a whole, and to find the complex themes that, surprisingly often, turn youth to God.

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