Workshops By Track

One of the key objectives of CCDA is to train Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities. The National Conference is a prime venue for this training, and it is largely through workshops that attendees learn best practices of Christian Community Development (CCD) and gain a deeper understanding of the theology that undergirds it.

We believe that one of the best ways to train our attendees is by utilizing the skills and expertise of our practitioners to train other practitioners. Nearly all of our presenters are on-the-ground practitioners who understand first-hand the challenges and blessings of CCD.

Workshops are scheduled twice per afternoon, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the conference, each 75 minutes long. CCDA sells audio recordings on-site and after the conference. Pre-registration is not required for workshops at the hotel.

In addition to the workshops featured at the hotel, take a day to explore New Orleans and see the work of local CCD practitioners. Each full day of the conference offers a Go & See event – an all-afternoon trip to a local CCD ministry. Read more about Go & See events.

The deadline for submitting workshop proposals has passed.

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Track Title Presenters Day and Time
ADULT Could Financial Education Enhance Your Ministry? Lance Wescher
Jerilyn Sanders
John Mark Bowers
TH. 3:15
ADULT Getting to the Root of the Work Problem: The cry for identity, character, and community Daniel Alexander
Sharon Bethea
TH. 3:15
ADULT Faith & Finances: Financial Education for the Learning Style of Your Community Jerilyn Sanders
John Mark Bowers
FR. 1:30
ADULT Can You Pay This Bill? Chris Sicks FR. 3:15
ADULT Money Smart: A Free, Quality Financial Education Resource Bobbie Gray SA. 1:30
CCD Synergy: Maximizing Ministry Through Integrating Church and CCD David Kool
Denise Kingdom-Grier
TH. 1:30
CCD The 8 Key Components of Christian Community Development Wayne “Coach” Gordon
Dr. John Perkins
TH. 1:30
CCD The Call of the Steward: Generosity to the Poor John Frank TH. 1:30
CCD The Future Grows Out of the Past: Exploring Your Community’s Spiritual History John Hayes
Ray Bakke
TH. 1:30
CCD Basics of Cross Cultural Ministry Mark Charles
Rachel Charles
FR. 1:30
CCD Asset Based Neighboring with Transparency: A fresh approach to community listening with authenticity Rebecca Lujan Loveless
Jay Vangroningan
SA. 1:30
CHURCH Worship & Mission Contextualization for the Urban Context David Bailey TH. 1:30
CHURCH Disciplemaking: A Kingdom Priority Eddie Broussard
Dave Buehring
TH. 3:15
CHURCH ABCD: A Love Story, Tips and Tools for Training in Ministry Kimi Zimmerman
Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga
FR. 1:30
CHURCH The Mission of Worship Sandra Van Opstal FR. 1:30
CHURCH Beyond Benevolence: Changing lives through congregation, connection and community Gretchen Kerr
Emily Tallman
Jamila Millette
Mary Lou Couchois
FR. 3:15
CHURCH Reconciling All Things: The Slow Church Vision of Comprehensive Community Development Christopher Smith FR. 3:15
CHURCH A Pastor’s CCDA Traveling Guide Into the City Brek Cockrell SA. 1:30
CHURCH Melody and Memory: Reconciliation Through Worship Music Reynolds Chapman
David Bailey
SA. 1:30
COLLAB Short Term Service Trips: Best practices for sending and receiving organizations Noah Kruis
Kirstin Vander Giessen-Rietsma
Thad Winkle
Rob Vander Giessen-Rietsma
Joel Hammernick
TH. 1:30
COLLAB The Transforming Power of Collective Impact: Authentic Collaboration and Global Partnerships Kathy Dudley
Selena Holston-Gabriel
TH. 3:15
COLLAB Kingdom Connections: God Honoring partnerships for Community transformation in Cross-Cultural Ministry Thomas Yaccino
Dee Yaccino
Leah Hood
FR. 3:15
COLLAB Planting, Partnering, Pedagogy and Paternalism Andrew Draper
Royce Mitchell
Toddrick Gordon
Leslie Draper
FR. 3:15
COLLAB African – North American Partnerships: Honest discussions about working together Stephen Jones
Joseph Camara
SA. 1:30
CSI Bridging the Diversity Gap Alvin Sanders TH. 1:30
CSI Modern Ministry Strategies for the Modern Faces of Homelessness Juanita Irizarry TH. 1:30
CSI Black Brown Partnerships: Challenges and Future Opportunities Sandra Van Opstal
Leroy Barber
Alexia Salvatierra
TH. 3:15
CSI From Gangs to God Adrian ‘AGE’ Sandoval
Adonis Cleveland
TH. 3:15
CSI Jesuz, Film, & The Nones: Cultivating the Gospel within Film & Hip-Hop to Engage the Growing Population of Nones Daniel Hodge TH. 3:15
CSI Peeking Over Walls: Learning to Mentor Youth Across Race and Class Lines Andrew Miller FR. 1:30
CSI Safe House and After-Care for Victims of Human Trafficking Joe Elkerton
Patricia Elkerton
FR. 1:30
CSI Re-Imagining the War on Gangs Ivan Paz FR. 3:15
CSI No Room at the Inn: Understanding and Serving Homeless Youth and Young Adults Alice Colegrove
Tim Colegrove
SA. 1:30
ECON How to Engage Business People in Your Ministry Without Making Them Feel Like an ATM Ramon David
Rudy Carrasco
TH. 1:30
ECON Deploying Business Skills for Justice & Shalom Amy Sherman TH. 3:15
ECON Drink Good Coffee for a Change Brian Hicks
Steve Adkerson
Jael Fuentes
Courtney Hicks
Humphreys Street Coffee Co. & WOW! Soap Students
Th. 3:15
SA. 3:15
ECON What Does an Entrepreneur Look Like? Hal Bowling
Charmane Goins
Paul Green
FR. 1:30
ECON Will My Business Idea Work?: Contextual Small Enterprise Development Dave Doty FR. 1:30
ECON Social Enterprise 101: Choosing the right venture for your organization Joel Holwerda
Samantha Salmeron
Jason Barnette
FR. 3:15
ECON How Business Can Cultivate Relationships in Your Community Bryan Feil
Anthony Armour
Addie Carr
SA. 1:30
EDUC Community Based Curriculum Development Diana Soerens
Sunny Jonas
TH. 1:30
EDUC A Gospel-Centered Response to Urban Education Reform Leslie Garrote
Matthew Love
TH. 3:15
EDUC Starting a Hands-On Urban Charter School Leslie Draper
Kerry Laprees
FR. 1:30
EDUC Turning At-Risk Schools Around through Community-Based Strategies Allen Weeks
Julie Weeks
FR. 3:15
SA. 3:15
EDUC Affordable Christ-centered Schooling Walt Tracy
Vernard Gant
James Tooley
Chris Crane
Greg Bitgood
SA. 1:30
FAM A Thriving Leader: Seeing ourselves clearly to sustain for the long haul Angie Winn
Anthony Gordon
Nate Ledbetter
Danny Wuerffel
TH. 1:30
FAM Balancing Life and Ministry: Is It Even Possible? Rob Thompson TH. 1:30
FAM An Honest Conversation about Child Welfare: Adoption and Foster Care Barbara Thompson
Joan Nabors
Patrick Morris
Stephanie McLeish
TH. 3:15
FAM Soul Care for the Seasoned Community Developer: Identifying, Understanding and Healing from Second-Hand Trauma Rebecca Lujan Loveless TH. 3:15
SA. 3:15
FAM Ancient Paths, City Streets: Developing healthy rhythms that sustain our souls and nurture our families Jude Tiersma Watson
Chris Albisurez
FR. 1:30
FAM Still Running Laura Truax FR. 1:30
FAM Blessings and Brokenness in Seasons of Singleness Patty Prasada-Rao
Dawnielle Miller
Ricardo Tavarez
Ginny Giles
John Lewis
FR. 3:15
SA. 3:15
FAM Marriage and Ministry: Making it Work in the City Leroy Barber
Donna Barber
FR. 3:15
SA. 3:15
FAM Missional Moms: Unique Purposeful Living Rachel VerWys
Mayra Macedo-Nolan
SA. 1:30
FAM The Father: Lost and Wandering in the Desert John Lewis
Lorena Gonzalez
SA. 1:30
FUND Using Four O’s To Increase Non-profit Sustainability Through Social Entrepreneurship Kenneth Steensma
Douglas Huesdash
Ronald Jimmerson
FR. 1:30
FUND Fundraising for Ministry: A Biblical Paradigm for Giving and Gathering in the Kingdom R. Mark Dillon FR. 3:15
FUND Stories vs Statistics: Finding a Balance George Myers SA. 1:30
HEALTH Good Start: Organizing to Launch a Title 1 School-Based Teaching Garden Tim Olsen TH. 1:30
SA. 3:15
HEALTH Understanding and Responding to Addiction & Mental Health Disorders Kenny House TH. 1:30
HEALTH Grow One Another: A Church Bridging the Food Gap Larry Garcia
Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein
TH. 3:15
HEALTH Organizing Against Environmental Injustice and Climate Change Lisa Sharon Harper FR. 1:30
HEALTH ReEnergizing Your Community: Tools to Change the World using Renewable Energy in Sustainable Community Development Ruston Seaman
John Prusa
FR. 1:30
HEALTH Health Care in the Beloved Community Lorena Gonzalez
Jeanette Salguero
FR. 3:15
HEALTH Health Care in the Beloved Community Lorena Gonzalez
Jeanette Salguero
SA. 1:30
SA. 3:15
HEALTH The Georgia Avenue Food Cooperative Program for Low-Income Families Chad Hale
Ella Duffy Haynes
SA. 1:30
HEALTH Disaster Readiness and Response: What Can We Do? What Will We Do? Phyllis Freeman SA. 3:15
HOUSE Real Estate Development as Relationship Cultivation Chad Schwitters
Shannon Jones
TH. 1:30
HOUSE Developing Housing Solutions in a Challenging Context Matt McCormick
Renaud Cherenfant
Shane Gauthier
TH. 3:15
HOUSE Cultivate Affordable Housing that Transforms your Community Jill Shook FR. 1:30
HOUSE Addressing Homelessness: Using the 100K Homes Campaign to Move from Sandwiches to Housing Marina Flores
Ryan VerWys
Kimberly Barnette
FR. 3:15
HOUSE How Habitat for Humanity is Helping to Revitalize Neighborhoods Mary Welch
Jeff Pope
Alyssa Lasseter
SA. 1:30
INCAR Organizing Returning Citizens & Formerly Incarcerated Paul Graham
Desmond Meade
TH. 3:15
SA. 3:15
INCAR Standing in the Justice Gap: Can Public Defender Partnerships Help Reduce Recidivism? Josh Spickler TH. 3:15
INCAR Trying and Sentencing Youth as Adults: Justice or Injustice? Kimberlee Johnson FR. 1:30
INCAR A Biblical Approach to Mass Incarceration Troy Jackson
Nelson Pierce
FR. 3:15
INCAR The Church’s Response to Mass Incarceration Matthew Watts
Angela Sedeño
Cliff Nellis
Stedford Sims
FR. 3:15
INCAR Mass Incarceration, Poverty and What It Means for the Church Allison Johnson
Dan Snyder
Anthony Grimes
SA. 1:30
INCAR Reentry for Women Karen Swanson
Leticia Chavez-Paulette
SA. 1:30
LEAD Get Them to Say YES! How to motivate, mobilize and retain volunteer leaders Michelle Stockton Th. 1:30
SA. 3:15
LEAD Partnering with Young People as Agents of Change Lina Thompson TH. 1:30
SA. 3:15
LEAD Raising up and Submitting to Local Leadership Andrew Draper
Royce Mitchell
Toddrick Gordon
TH. 3:15
LEAD Real Discipleship, Fearless Leadership, and Relaunching the Seminary Jin S. Kim
John Nelson
Laura Newby
FR. 3:15
LEAD Seeing the Next Generation of Leaders By Looking For Them Randy Nabors FR. 3:15
LEAD Developing Leaders Within Your Urban Youth Organization Donna Barber SA. 1:30
LEAD From Addition to Multiplication: How to Expand the Work from One Community to a Region Tim Kirkpatrick
Katie Kirkpatrick
SA. 1:30
LEAD How’s That Going? Deepening the work of CCD after 10+ years in the trenches Kafi Carrasco
Laura Carpenter
SA. 1:30
NEIGH The World at Our Doorstep: How You Can Welcome the Refugee Nicole Watts
Chris Sicks
TH. 1:30
NEIGH Current State of U.S. Immigration Laws and Opportunities for Service Courtney Tudi
Jenny Yang
TH. 3:15
NEIGH Engaging the Local Church in Refugee Ministry Bonnie Lloyd
Cherie Gray
FR. 1:30
NEIGH Gentrification with Justice Bob Lupton FR. 1:30
NEIGH A Kingdom Response to the Immigration Challenge: Providing Affordable, Authorized Immigration Legal Services Alejandro Mandes
Matthew Soerens
FR. 3:15
SA. 3:15
NEIGH Community Organizing the CCDA Way Ian Danley
Montserrat Arredondo
Ricardo Zamudio
Alfonso Vazquez
Laura Garcia
SA. 1:30
ORG From Generation to Generation: Navigating Organizational Leadership Transitions Darren Prince
John Hayes
TH. 3:15
SA. 3:15
ORG Building the World’s Best Board George Myers FR. 3:15
ORG Data Management Solutions for NonProfits: IT, The Cloud and Other Useful Things You Should Know Aja McClanahan
David White
FR. 3:15
ORG Leading Edge Governance Jean Marie Peacock
Cory Sparks
SA. 1:30
RECON Practicable Reconciliation Austin Brown
Josie Guth
Jenny Booth Potter
TH. 1:30
RECON The Role of Justice and Reconciliation in Worshiping Communities Mark Charles FR. 3:15
RECON Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope as a Practice of Authentic Reconciliation Dayna Olson-Getty
Ismael Ruiz-Millan
Keith Daniel
SA. 1:30
THEO Forgive Us: The Confessions of the Church Troy Jackson
Lisa Sharon Harper
Soong-Chan Rah
TH. 1:30
TH. 3:15
THEO Engaging Prosperity Theology Vince Bantu FR. 1:30
THEO The Fresh Perspective on Paul: A Theology Supporting Ethnic and Racial Diversity Kenneth Young FR. 1:30
ART Art as Redemptive Transformation (A.R.T) Phil Jackson TH. 1:30
ART My People, My Place: Storytelling Through Dance and Visual Arts Amy Tuttle
Julia Crawford
TH. 3:15
ART Creativity, Coding & Community: Building a Model for Digital Redistribution David Vosburg FR. 1:30
ART God Has A Right Brain John Hayes
Laurie Cook
FR. 3:15
ART Cultivating Creativity in Community: The Artists’ Circle Sunny Jonas
Tina Colon Williams
SA. 1:30
YOUTH The Timoteo Story: Flag Football as a Vehicle for Justice in the Hood Chris Lahr
Nes Espinosa
Buddy Martinez
Th. 1:30
YOUTH Think Outside the Book: A Model for a Community Youth Book Club Christie Kieschnick
Michael Patrick
TH. 3:15
YOUTH Arts N’ The Hood: Leadership Empowerment through the Performing Arts Q Nellum FR. 1:30
SA. 3:15
YOUTH Feeding Father Hunger: Understanding and Ministering to the Fatherless Generation Amy Williams FR. 1:30
YOUTH Reaching Boys: Best Practices for Positive Youth Development Chris McCord FR. 3:15
YOUTH Creating and Maintaining an After-School Program That Will Keep Youth Coming Back Andrew Miller SA. 1:30

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