Workshops By Day and Time

One of the key objectives of CCDA is to train Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities. The National Conference is a prime venue for this training, and it is largely through workshops that attendees learn best practices of Christian Community Development (CCD) and gain a deeper understanding of the theology that undergirds it.

We believe that one of the best ways to train our attendees is by utilizing the skills and expertise of our practitioners to train other practitioners. Nearly all of our presenters are on-the-ground practitioners who understand first-hand the challenges and blessings of CCD.

Workshops are scheduled twice per afternoon, Thursday and Friday of the conference, each 75 minutes long. CCDA sells audio recordings on-site and after the conference. Pre-registration is not required for workshops at the convention center.

The deadline for submitting workshop proposals has passed.
Contact Jessica Hoekstra at with any questions.

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Track Title Presenters Day and Time
ART Arts N’ The Hood: Transformative Leadership through the Performing Arts Q Nellum TH. 1:30
ART Mending the Breach: Fostering Community Through Worship and Reconciliation Angie Hong
Harold Hong
Brian Bryant
Isaac Park
TH. 1:30
CCD Just Relationships: Cultivating Kingdom Revealing Global Connections for Mission Thomas Yaccino
Dee Yaccino
TH. 1:30
CCD Where the Cross Meets the Street: What Happens When God is in the Center of a Neighborhood Noel Castellanos TH. 1:30
CHURCH Re-Branding the Urban Pastor: Reconciling Church and Community Jonathan Brooks TH. 1:30
CHURCH The Way to Flourishing Churches and Neighborhoods Christopher Smith TH. 1:30
CSI Building the Black-Brown Bridge in Christ: Challenges and Opportunities Leroy Barber
Alexia Salvatierra
TH. 1:30
CSI Concerns About the Death Penalty: A Christian Response Heather Beaudoin
Billy Moore
TH. 1:30
CSI Mitigating Recidivism and Community Development Utilizing Mentoring Nina Miles Lane TH. 1:30
CSI Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the City: Housing Ministry 101 Jim Wehner
J.R. Bergdoll, Jr.
Samuel Gunter
Cynthia Full McNeal
TH. 1:30
ECON Christ Kitchen: A Replicable, Job-training Microenterprise Jan Martinez
Kari Kelli
TH. 1:30
EDUC Is the Common Core for the Common Good? Lisa Marshall TH. 1:30
HEALTH Food Cooperatives for Low-Income Families: An Alternative to Food Pantries Chad Hale
Ella Duffy Haynes
TH. 1:30
JUST Understanding and Responding to the Epidemic of Mass Incarceration Dominique Gilliard TH. 1:30
LEAD Quiet Leadership: Introverts in CCDA Nilwona Nowlin
Darren Prince
TH. 1:30
ORG Key Board Development Strategies: Building a Foundation to Flourish Daniel Watson TH. 1:30
ORG Managing a Flourishing Organization Anthony Gordon
Danny Wuerffel
Angie Winn
TH. 1:30
PERSON Financial Education that Fits: Low-Income Households Jerilyn Sanders
John Mark Bowers
TH. 1:30
TOOLS The Future Grows Out of the Past: Exploring Your Community’s Spiritual History John Hayes
Ray Bakke
TH. 1:30
TOOLS Unleashing the Assets: Discovering and Mobilizing Neighbors Who Care Wendy McCaig
Charles Fitzgerald
TH. 1:30
YOUTH Lessons Learned from a Young but Flourishing After-school Program Bianca Zaharescu
Gerald Brown
Veronica Kahaleua
Anja Thiessen
TH. 1:30
CCD Engaging Prosperity Theology Kate Bowler
Vince Bantu
TH. 3:15
CCD Overview of CCD Philosophy Dawnielle Miller
Don Coleman
TH. 3:15
CHURCH The Art of Prophetic Proclamation to Inspire Community Development Jason Butler
Megan Westra
TH. 3:15
CSI Kids Deserve Families: Uniting the Church to Reverse the Foster Care Wait List Aaron Graham
Chelsea Geyer
Leroy Barber
TH. 3:15
CSI Reimagining the War on Gangs Ivan Paz
Beth Eckloff-Paz
TH. 3:15
ECON Building a Foundation for Flourishing through Work Daniel Alexander
Sharon Bethea
TH. 3:15
EDUC College App Map: A Step-by-step Guide to and through College Rod McCallum TH. 3:15
HEALTH Improving Community Health Beyond the Clinic Walls Martha Carlough
Richard Hobbs
Elizabeth Brill
Richard Chung
TH. 3:15
HEALTH Urban Agriculture: A Catalyst for Economic Development and Food Justice Using Creation Systems Scott Truex TH. 3:15
JUST Live Free: A Movement to Dismantle Mass Incarceration Troy Jackson
Andrea Marta
Michael McBride
TH. 3:15
LEAD Dare to Transform: A Leadership Challenge Ted Travis TH. 3:15
ORG Resource Development: It isn’t all About the Money Michael Mata TH. 3:15
PERSON Answering God’s Call to Serve the Underserved: Community Development Credit Unions John Herrera
Joe Duran
Luis Pastor
TH. 3:15
PERSON From Instability to Opportunity: How Asset Development Changes Lives Rebekah King TH. 3:15
TOOLS Capacity Building Tools for Fostering Dialogue, Action and Community Change Sarah Malpass
Vernice Miller-Travis
Sue Perry Cole
Cecilia Zuvic
TH. 3:15
TOOLS Neighborhood Mapping: Making Your Church Invaluable to the Community Dr. John Fuder TH. 3:15
YOUTH City Kids are World Changers Now John Blake
Ernest Smith
Ricardo Correa
Camryn Smith
TH. 3:15
YOUTH No Church In the Wild: Emerging Adult & Youth Trends, What Barna Can’t Tell us Daniel Hodge
Alison Burkhardt
TH. 3:15
ART How to Run, Fund and Start an Art Center in the ‘Hood Phil Jackson
Terrance Foster
FR. 1:30
CCD Forgive Us: Corporate Confessions of a Compromised Faith Troy Jackson
Mae Cannon
Lisa Harper
FR. 1:30
CCD Shaping a Missiological Posture: Creating Cultures of Trust Thomas Ribar FR. 1:30
CHURCH What’s so Difficult About Being a MultiCultural Church? Laura Pritchard
Janice McWhertor
FR. 1:30
CSI Listening as an Act of Justice: Engaging the Immigration Debate Luke Williams
Jose Luis Bonilla
FR. 1:30
CSI Technology and Temptation Michael Liimatta FR. 1:30
CSI The City to Which I Have Carried You Into Exile: Contextualizing Urban, Suburban, and Rural Housing Ministries Dustin Tommey
Reesheda Washington
Katie Delp
Jen Crouse
FR. 1:30
ECON Empowering Youth for Employment & Business Troy Evans FR. 1:30
EDUC Community Driven Comprehensive Education Reform Matthew Watts FR. 1:30
HEALTH Creating A Healthy Creation Mitchell Hescox FR. 1:30
JUST Justice and the Gospel Ken Wytsma FR. 1:30
LEAD Justice from the Gridiron: Timoteo is More than Football Chris Lahr
Nes Espinosa
Bryant Keal
FR. 1:30
LEAD Women and Leadership: Leading with Grace Lorena Gonzalez
Jeanette Salguero
Lisa Trevino Cummins
FR. 1:30
ORG Grant Writing Tips: Insights from a Grant Reviewer Bernard Turner FR. 1:30
PERSON How Adults Learn in Low-income Contexts Jerilyn Sanders
John Mark Bowers
FR. 1:30
RELAT Bridge-Building Friendship: Multicultural Solidarity in Urban and Global Contexts Darian Colbert
Bill Cummings
FR. 1:30
RELAT Marriage and Ministry: Making it Work in the City Donna Barber
Leroy Barber
FR. 1:30
RELAT Seeking Sabbath: Mindful Resistance Against a Culture of Consumption Laura Leavell
Keith Jagger
FR. 1:30
RELAT Stepping Into It: Navigating Conflict in Cause-Driven Organizations Mark Aardsma FR. 1:30
TOOLS Scrapnotes from the Revolution Shane Claiborne
Coz Crosscombe
FR. 1:30
CCD Lessons & Challenges from our Founders Wayne “Coach” Gordon
Dr. John Perkins
Mary Nelson
FR. 3:15
CCD Redeeming the Bound & Reconciling the Separated: Theology and Practice Michael Andres
Rahn Franklin
FR. 3:15
CHURCH Prophetic Ministry: Addressing Systemic Injustice as a Church Marshall Hatch FR. 3:15
CSI Human Trafficking: Opportunities for Prevention and Restoration through CCD Libby Coles
Karla Daugherty
FR. 3:15
CSI When Mass Incarceration Lets Out: A Collaborative Reintegration Model Mayra Macedo-Nolan
Darryl Qualls
Brian Biery
FR. 3:15
ECON Community Development Finance: Connecting Ministry, Mission, and Money Jennifer Sherwin
Kim Shaw
Alan Reberg
Rachel Anderson
FR. 3:15
EDUC The Beloved Community: Justice, Education and the Church Candace Obadina
David Montague
FR. 3:15
JUST Looking at Immigration as a Christian John Faison
Matthew Soerens
FR. 3:15
LEAD A Wholistic Approach to Spiritual Formation Michelle Stockton FR. 3:15
ORG Effective Startup Strategies for New Ministries Michael Liimatta FR. 3:15
ORG You Say You Collaborate…But Do You Really? George Myers FR. 3:15
RELAT Highs and Lows as Singles in CCD Ministry Zakiya Jackson
Patty Prasada-Rao
Robert Blevins
Antoine Bennett
FR. 3:15
RELAT My Sister’s Keeper: Working with StrongBlackWomen Chanequa Walker-Barnes FR. 3:15
TOOLS Courting a Community: Relocation with Invitation John Hayes
Kristy Wallace
FR. 3:15
TOOLS Rehabing Reconciliation Ernest Smith
Camryn Smith
Amy May
Cleve May
FR. 3:15
YOUTH Feeding Father Hunger: Understanding and Ministering to the Fatherless Generation Amy Williams FR. 3:15
YOUTH Maximize Your After School Program: Changes that Lead to Excellence Dayna Carr FR. 3:15

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