Present a Workshop

The deadline to propose a workshop has passed.

Workshop Tracks

This year’s workshops will be organized primarily by track. The tracks below have been selected based on a variety of factors, namely suggestions from the 2010 Post-Conference Survey and recommendations from the Indianapolis Host Team, along with input from the National Office staff.

Below is a description of each track to give you an idea of what workshop topics can be found at this year’s conference.

Arts and Technology

Models for using arts and technology in transforming under-resourced communities; Addressing attitudes toward art and technology.

Business as Ministry

Using business skills to effect sustainable change for the poor; Addressing poverty through business ventures. Important distinction: Being a Christian in the marketplace is not the same as creating businesses around serving the poor, launching a business in an under-resourced community, or using business savvy to transform individuals and communities. CCDA seeks the latter in proposals for this conference.

Christian Community Development Philosophy

Theology and Philosophy of CCD: 8 Key Components; Listening to the Community; Asset Based Community Development.

Christian Discipleship and Mentoring

Philosophies and models of discipleship and mentoring.

Church in the Community

Existing churches transforming to become community-based churches; Planting churches with the DNA of Christian Community Development.

Economic Development

Job creation; Retail development; Empowerment. Collaborations and partnerships between non-profit, government and commercial sectors.

Education: Approaches to Reform

Models of education reform: Public schools, charters, home school, private school, etc.; Realistic options for addressing educational inequality.

Education: Supportive Programs

After-school programs; Supplemental education; Programs for parents; Community education programs.

Family Development

Development of families in under-resourced communities: Healthy marriages, Parent-child relationships, Family traditions/habits, Training kids in financial responsibility, Spiritual development; Development of singles and their relationship to the larger community.

Front Page Justice Issues

Immigration; Juvenile justice; Legal/justice systems and incarceration; Mental health; Homelessness.

Health and the Environment

Personal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health; Environmental health; Relationships between personal and environmental health.


Innovative models of housing development; Addressing inadequate inexpensive housing; Launching a CDC to deal with housing in a community.

Organizational Development

Fundraising; Staff management; Launching a non-profit; Recruiting volunteers; Leadership transitions; Partnerships with other organizations.

Self Care

Issues of self-care as a CCD practitioner: avoiding burnout, achieving balance, make time for spiritual disciplines, healthy boundaries and relationships, dealing with depression.

Youth Empowerment

Entrepreneurship; Youth leadership.

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