Workshops by Day & Time

Nearly all of our presenters are on-the-ground practitioners who understand first-hand the challenges and blessings of CCD. Audio recordings may be purchased on-site and after the conference.

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Track Title Presenters Day & Time Location
COMM An Overdue Conversation: Asian American & African American Race Relations Dominique Gilliard
Sung Yeon Choi-Morrow
TH 1:30 PM Santa Barbara B
JUST Biblical Justice through Faith-Rooted Organizing and Advocacy Michelle Warren
Guillermo Torres
Alexia Salvatierra
TH 1:30 PM Beaudry A
JUST Civic Engagement CCDA Style Ricardo Zamudio
Alfonso Vasquez
Kit Danley
TH 1:30 PM San Gabriel B
CHURCH Exegete Your City: Drawing Out Your Neighborhood’s Identity John Fuder
Josh Buck
Matthew Jones
TH 1:30 PM Santa Anita B
RELAT How I Learned “My Burden is Light” from Jesus: An Experiential Workshop in English and Spanish James Wilder
Jim Martini
TH 1:30 PM San Gabriel A
LEAD How to Create a Leadership Pipeline Alvin Sanders TH 1:30 PM Beaudry B
TOOLS Kinship On the Margins Through Jobs Readiness Programs Byron McMillan
Shay Bethea
Marten Fadelle
Stan Cunningham
TH 1:30 PM San Fernando
HEALTH LA River Revitalization: The View from a Kayak James Kermath TH 1:30 PM Rodeo
HUMAN Labor Trafficking in Our Backyard Derek Marsh
Paul Chang
Priscilla Santos


TH 1:30 PM Palos Verdes
CCD Lessons & Challenges from Our Founders Dr John Perkins
Wayne “Coach” Gordon
Mary Nelson
Noel Castellanos
TH 1:30 PM Emerald Bay
HEALTH Make Ending Hunger a National Priority Marco Grimaldo
Jose Garcia
TH 1:30 PM San Pedro
ORG Ministry Out of the Overflow: Why Healthy Organizational Culture Matters Abby Buter TH 1:30 PM San Bernadino
 CSI New Urbanism: A Film Festival on Civic Engagement Joel Karahadian
Josh Paget
TH 1:30 PM Santa Barbara A
HEALTH Our Common Home: Creation Care, Environmental Justice and CCD Jerome Garciano
Chris Elisara
TH 1:30 PM Santa Anita A
ECON Resisting Economic Segregation by Practicing Yahweh’s Economy John Mark Bowers TH 1:30 PM Avalon
CSI Seeking Refuge: Understanding Refugee Resettlement Jose Serrano
Matthew Soerens
TH 1:30 PM Beverly
RELAT Slow Kingdom Coming: Spiritual Practices for Doing Justice Kent Annan
Jonathan Chan
TH 1:30 PM Los Feliz
HUMAN Trafficking Our Children: How Does That Happen? Sandra Morgan
Catherine Pratt
Shari Farmer
Michelle Guillion
TH 1:30 PM Santa Anita C
HEALTH Understanding and Responding to Addiction & Mental Health Disorders Kenny House TH 1:30 PM Santa Barbara C
TOOLS Understanding Your City’s Story: Utilizing LA as a Lens Gabe Veas TH 1:30 PM San Gabriel C
CSI Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? Melanie Ferguson TH 1:30 PM Los Cerritos
RELAT Why Forgive: Building Community Through Reconciliation Peter Mommsen
Wilma Mommsen
TH 1:30 PM Santa Monica D
CSI (W)Holistic Ministry with Teen Moms Joyce del Rosario
Linda Rascon
TH 3:15 PM San Gabriel A
JUST Asian American Dreams for Justice Russell Jeung TH 3:15 PM Santa Barbara B
YOUTH Basketball: The MAD House Way Pat Dawson
Alex Ford
Emmanuel Holder
Spencer Hathcock
TH 3:15 PM Santa Barbara A
LEAD Brown Christianity: Taking Root in the Latina/o Christian Identity Grecia Reyes
Robert Chao Romero
TH 3:15 PM Beaudry A
HEALTH Building Clergy Capacity to Respond to Mental Health Needs Adrienne Hament
Ann Yamada
TH 3:15 PM Santa Barbara C
COMM Disaster Preparedness for Faith Communities Sharon Davis TH 3:15 PM Los Feliz
ECON Financial Education that Fits Low-Income Learners Marcia Trani
Naomi Wise
TH 3:15 PM Rodeo
CCD Foro: Prácticas Adecuadas del Desarrollo Comunitario Cristiano en la Comunidad Hispana Ray Rivera
Lee de Leon
Juan Carlos Mendez
TH 3:15 PM Santa Monica D
ORG Grant Writing: A Peek Into the Grant Review Process Dr. Bernard Turner
Breanna Workman
Madison Barefield
TH 3:15 PM San Pedro
TOOLS Interfaith Partnerships Steve Wiebe TH 3:15 PM San Fernando
HOUSE Jesus and the Shelter: Supporting First Responders To Homelessness Josh Kaufman-Horner
Andy Bales
TH 3:15 PM Beverly
COMM Mega Church vs. Mega Impact: How Small Churches Make Extraordinary Impact Juan Pena
Jason Janz
TH 3:15 PM Santa Anita C
ORG Overhauling Programs in Decline: Effective Tools for Evaluation & Change Dayna Carr TH 3:15 PM Los Cerritos
CCD Overview of CCD Philosophy Byron McMillan
Laura Hoy
TH 3:15 PM Emerald Bay
CCD Rally the Church to Prayer in your City John Fuder TH 3:15 PM Santa Anita B
YOUTH Sticky Faith in Multicultural Contexts: Practical Ideas to Help Young People Develop Lifelong Faith Irene Cho
Brad Griffin
?Jennifer Guerra Aldana
Jeanelle Austin
Trey L. Clark
TH 3:15 PM San Gabriel C
CHURCH Strategic Partnerships with City Government & Local Businesses Alex Mendes
Danny Andalon
Mark Whitlock
TH 3:15 PM Beaudry B
RELAT Transformational Mentors: How Mystic Activists Keep us in the Game Kit Danley TH 3:15 PM San Gabriel B
HEALTH Urban Gardens Are Community Assets Jesse Chang
Rae Huang
Tim Yee
TH 3:15 PM San Bernadino
TOOLS Using Data for Reconciliation and Redistribution in a Changing America Vanessa Carter TH 3:15 PM Santa Anita A
HUMAN Who’s the Victim? Survivor? Human Trafficking Survivors Speak Up Harmony Dust
Rachel Thomas
TH 3:15 PM Palos Verdes
COMM A Calendar of Lament for the American Church Mark Charles
Soong-Chan Rah
FR 1:30 PM Beaudry A
 LEAD Asian Americans in CCD Steve Park
Judy Wu Dominick
Daniel Lee
Albert Wang
FR 1:30 PM Los Feliz
COMM Being a Church of PEACE in Transforming Communities Matt Bruce
Steve Bresler
FR 1:30 PM Rodeo
JUST Building Collaboration Between African American and Latino/a Leaders Leroy Barber
Alexia Salvatierra
FR 1:30 PM Beverly
ORG Crafting an Organizational Message Worth Shouting Carol Reeve
Kevin Reeve
FR 1:30 PM Los Cerritos
COMM Creative Community: Christian Responses to Bigotry, Hate Crimes Mary Nelson FR 1:30 PM Santa Barbara B
CSI Education Advocacy and Faith Communities Lisa Lockwood
Zakiya Jackson
FR 1:30 PM Beaudry B
RELAT Faith-Based, Trauma-Informed Care and Ministry Mary Beth Meadows FR 1:30 PM San Pedro
HEALTH Fitness for Community Development Alicia Haskins
Emily Williamson
Marla zumFelde
FR 1:30 PM San Bernadino
ORG From Dream to Design: Starting with the End in Mind Daniel Watson FR 1:30 PM Santa Anita A
HUMAN If There Were No Buyers: Curbing the Demand for Sex Trafficking CARE 18
CEASE Network
FR 1:30 PM Santa Anita C
CSI Immigrant Realities: Bridge Building in an Era of Border Making Erica Nellessen
Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana
FR 1:30 PM San Gabriel B
CHURCH Leading a Multi-Ethnic Church: How To Foster Diversity Josh Buck
Kevin Haah
Enrique Melendez
Drew Jackson
FR 1:30 PM San Gabriel A
HOUSE Let housing justice flow: advocating for affordability in gentrifying neighborhoods Robert Baird
Michelle White
Jill Shook
FR 1:30 PM Palos Verdes
ECON Neighborhood Economics: Why Community Wealth Should be Our Goal and How to Make it Happen Tim Soerens
Michael Mata
FR 1:30 PM Santa Anita B
JUST Set the Prisoner Free Miea Walker
Shawn Casselberry
FR 1:30 PM San Gabriel C
CSI Six Myths About Poverty in Rural and Small Town Communities Jenny Hodge FR 1:30 PM Santa Barbara C
CCD Where the Cross Meets the Street: What Happens When God is in the Center of a Neighborhood Noel Castellanos FR 1:30 PM Emerald Bay
HUMAN Why Are the Cops Only Up in My Hood? Sex Trafficking, Gangs and Racial Reconciliation in San Diego Jamie Gates
Armand King
FR 1:30 PM Santa Barbara A
ORG “Oh No, Our Leader is Gone!” Planning for Succession George Myers FR 3:15 PM Rodeo
HUMAN Come to the Table: Uniting the Body of Christ in a Movement to Work for Freedom and Against Modern Day Slavery Kevin Austin
Sandra Morgan
Michelle Shoemaker
FR 3:15 PM Santa Anita C
ORG Developing and Assessing Cultural Competence in Staff and Volunteers – Cancelled Thandiwe Dinani FR 3:15 PM Palos Verdes
TOOLS Exegeting the City Coz Crosscombe FR 3:15 PM San Gabriel C
CHURCH Fostering A Church Planting Movement April Warfield
Brannin Pitre
Kevin Haah
FR 3:15 PM San Gabriel A
COMM Fostering Courageous Conversation Among Diverse Clergy Jennifer Ackerman
Micah Group Members
FR 3:15 PM Santa Barbara B
JUST From Education to Incarceration: Intro to the School to Prison Pipeline Amy Williams FR 3:15 PM Santa Barbara A
ORG Grant-writing for CCD Ministries Derek Lane FR 3:15 PM San Bernadino
CCD How to Move From Charity to Asset Based Community Development Michael J. Christensen FR 3:15 PM San Pedro
COMM Justice that Restores Erina Kim-Eubanks
Dominique Gilliard
FR 3:15 PM San Gabriel B
CSI Let My People Vote Lisa Lockwood FR 3:15 PM Beaudry B
TOOLS Mailboxes, Stucco and Graffiti: Learning to Read and Assess an Urban Community Michael Mata
Janice Chan
FR 3:15 PM Santa Anita B
JUST Ministry with Central American Refugees Maria-Jose (Cote) Soerens
Alexia Salvatierra
FR 3:15 PM Beaudry A
CSI Removing Harm, Providing Healing: A Vision for the Justice System Mona Cadena FR 3:15 PM Beverly
TOOLS Streams of Living Water: Justice, Reconciliation, and Peace-building from the River Jordan to Your Backyard Mae Cannon FR 3:15 PM Emerald Bay
CSI Taller: Respondiendo a la Crisis Migratoria en la Iglesia Hispana Martin Garcia FR 3:15 PM Santa Monica D
TOOLS The Rural Church as Prophetic Institution: Community Listening and Grassroots Organizing Brandon Wrencher
Matt Gundlach
Jaimie McGirt-Gundlach
FR 3:15 PM Santa Barbara C
RELAT Trauma, God, and So Many Questions Cynthia Eriksson
Jude Tiersma Watson
FR 3:15 PM Santa Anita A
HEALTH Unpacking & Addressing Food Injustice in Your Community Alan Mclain FR 3:15 PM San Fernando
ORG Volunteer Management 101 Dayna Carr FR 3:15 PM Los Cerritos
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