We believe that one of the best ways to train our attendees is by utilizing the skills and expertise of our practitioners to train other practitioners. Nearly all of our presenters are on-the-ground practitioners who understand first-hand the challenges and blessings of CCD.

Workshops are scheduled twice per afternoon, Thursday and Friday of the conference, each 75 minutes long. CCDA sells audio recordings on-site and after the conference. Pre-registration is not required for workshops at the convention center.

The deadline for submitting workshop proposals has passed.
Contact Audrey Velez at with any questions.

Hover over a workshop title for the full description.

Track Title Presenters Day and Time Location Level
ART Worship CCDA Style Jonathan Brooks
Angie Hong
Sandra Maria Van Opstal
TH 1:30pm L 6 101
ART Arts N’ The Hood: Transformative Leadership through the Performing Arts Q Nellum FR 3:15pm River Bluff 101
CCD Sharing Power: A Light Of Reconciliation In A Culture of Dominance Timothy Rodgers
Rev. Catherine Gilliard
TH 1:30pm L 3 201
CCD Overview of CCD Philosophy Bethany Harris
Terrance Foster
TH 1:30pm L 2 101
CCD Lessons & Challenges from our Founders Wayne “Coach” Gordon
Mary Nelson
John Perkins
Noel Castellanos
TH 3:15pm L 2 101
CCD Humanity: More than Upcycled Nicole Watts TH 3:15pm Heritage 1 201
CCD Illuminating A Vocabulary of Discipleship Josh Kaufman-Horner FR 3:15pm 204 201
CCD How Jesus Modeled and Taught a CCD Lifestyle Bruce Martin FR 1:30pm L 14 201
CCD Does a Rising Tide Really Lift All Boats? Redistribution and a Changing Urban Economy John Liotti FR 1:30pm Heritage 2 201
CCD Where the Cross Meets the Street: What Happens When God is in the Center of a Neighborhood Noel Castellanos FR 3:15pm L 2 101
CHURCH Small Groups vs. Missional Community Groups: Power of living on mission Juan Pena
Greg Hahl
TH 1:30pm 201 201
CHURCH Beyond “Fresh off the Boat:” Understanding and Partnering with the Immigrant Church in our Communities Joyce delRosario
Jonathan Kindberg
TH 1:30pm Heritage 4 201
CHURCH Slow Church and the Urgency of Justice in our Neighborhoods Chris Smith
Brandon Wrencher
TH 3:15pm Heritage 4 201
CHURCH What’s so difficult about Being a Multiracial Church? Laura Pritchard
Janice McWhertor
TH 3:15pm Chickasaw 101
CHURCH Becoming a City on a Hill, Creating Systemic Justice, Together Neil Cox
Jarvis Ward
TH 3:15pm Heritage 2 201
CHURCH Re-Placing Churches: Congregations Forming New Parish Commitments in Changing Neighborhoods Kathryn Mowry FR 3:15pm Chickasaw 101
CSI Do #StrongBlackWomenMatter? Chanequa Walker-Barnes TH 1:30pm L 6 201
CSI Baltimarket-Urban Food Access Strategy: Engaging Youth Community Leadership Alan McLain TH 1:30pm Heritage 1 101
CSI Building Partnerships Between Police and Community Mary Glenn TH 1:30pm L 5 201
CSI No Church in the Wild: Emerging Adult & Youth Trends in an Era of Mike Brown & Ferguson, What Barna Can’t Tell us Daniel Hodge
Alison Burkhardt
TH 3:15pm L 3 301
CSI Just Relationships: Cultivating Kingdom Revealing Global Connections for Mission Thomas Yaccino
Dee Yaccino
TH 3:15pm L 6 101
CSI White Privilege, Reconciliation, & Multiethnic Ministry Brandon Green
Daniel Hill
Danae Kovac
Carlos Ruiz
TH 3:15pm L 4 201
CSI Black Brown Partnerships: Challenges and Future Opportunities Leroy Barber
Alexia Salvatierra
Sandra VanOpstal
FR 1:30pm L 6 101
CSI Hyphenated Identities: Conversations for Multiracial and Multiethnic Folks and Communities Adriana Gomez Schellhaas
Elizabeth Moraff Pritchard
FR 3:15pm Heritage 1 201
CSI Partnering to End Modern Slavery Jamie Gates FR 3:15pm 203 101
ECON From Blight to Blessing: Leveraging Immigrant Assets toward Homeownership Mark Bowers
Tannia Maricela Lascano
TH 3:15pm Mississippi 201
ECON What the Whole World Wants: Friendship and a Job Shay Bethea
Byron McMillan
TH 3:15pm 203 N/A
ECON Fresh Start: Eliminating Homelessness with Employment Lisa Peoples
MaryAnne Poe
Donald Jordan
FR 1:30pm 201 201
ECON Kingdom Economics: From God’s Word to Good Jobs Michael Rhodes
Steve Nash
Juanita Johnson
FR 3:15pm L 4 101
ECON Social Enterprise as a Means to Address Poverty Jessica Moreno
Cheryl Miller
FR 3:15pm 201 301
EDUC Cultural Wiring and the Brain: Getting Back to Kingdom Culture Annita D’Amico
Rene Rochester
TH 3:15pm L 14 101
EDUC Pastoring Stressed-Out Teachers Rocky Anthony
Leslie Garrote
FR 1:30pm Heritage 4 101
EDUC Applying CCD Philosophy as a K-12 Educator Daniel Warner
Trey Willis
FR 1:30pm 202 101
EDUC Summer Slide: Why is Summer Learning Essential to Youth Development and Urban Education? Candice Obadina
Allison Martin
FR 1:30pm L 11 101
EDUC Afterschool Empowerment for Confident Youth who Succeed and Shine Veronica Kahaleua
Anja Thiessen
Bianca Zaharescu
FR 3:15pm 202 101
HEALTH Depoliticizing Climate Change Through Film, Story and Conversation Kris Van Engen
Joseph Mutebi
Kohima Daring
TH 3:15pm 202 101
HEALTH Fitness for Community Development Becca Jonassen
Emily Williamson
FR 1:30pm 203 201
HEALTH Food Insecurity: Local Solutions to a National Need Riley Balikian
Rebekah King
FR 1:30pm Sultana 101
HEALTH Urban Healthcare: Healing the Underserved Lance Luttrell
Janice Taylor
FR 1:30pm 204 101
HEALTH Understanding & Responding to Addiction & Mental Health Disorders Kenny House FR 3:15pm Sultana 201
HEALTH Faith, Surgery and Health John Nelson
Nia Zalamea
FR 3:15pm L 14 101
JUST Water Justice Christine Olmeda TH 1:30pm 203 201
JUST Pilgrimage to Peace Sami Awad
Mae Cannon
Evan Thomas
TH 1:30pm L 4 201
JUST To Redeem the Soul of America: Unsung Activists Who Labored in the Shadows Deric Gilliard TH 1:30pm Heritage 3 201
JUST Our Broken Immigration System:Tools to Demonstrate Injustice and Inspire Advocates Ricardo Tavarez
Viviana Cornejo
Kate Kooyman
Kelsey Herbert
TH 1:30pm 202 301
JUST The Doctrine of Discovery and the Trauma of America Mark Charles
Rachel Charles
FR 1:30pm L 5 101
JUST Feminization of Hunger and Poverty in the U.S. Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy FR 1:30pm Heritage 1 201
JUST Illuminating the Injustice of Mass Incarceration: Equipping our Communities Toward Deeper Systemic Engagement Dominique Gilliard
Michelle Warren
FR 3:15pm L 6 201
JUST White Engagement with Black Lives Matter Troy Jackson FR 3:15pm L 3 301
JUST Organizing from Within: Leadership development and mobilization within migrant detention Maria-Jose Soerens
Gloria Garcia Vega
FR 3:15pm L 12 101
LEAD Quiet Leadership: Introverts in CCDA Darren Prince
Nilwona Nowlin
TH 3:15pm L 11 101
LEAD An Internship Program That’s Good for You and Good for Them Stefie Dominguez
Amy Joh
TH 1:30pm L 12 301
LEAD Moving from a Ministry of Service to Empowerment Martell Hixson
BJ Thompson
TH 1:30pm L 14 101
LEAD The Great Commission Shad Berry
Kennon Vaugh
TH 3:!5pm L 12 101
LEAD Women and Leadership: Turning Your Struggles Into Strengths Lorena G Gonzalez
Ana Lopez van Balen
Robin E Henderson
FR 1:30pm 205 201
ORG Living In The Co: The Power Of Accountability Aleea Slappy
Mia Hill
TH 1:30pm 204 101
ORG Illuminating the Blind Spots in our Organizations’ Cultures: A Feedback Model Anthony Gordon
Angie Winn
Danny Wuerffel
TH 3:15pm 201 201
ORG Grantwriting 101: Tips & Tools to Get Started Derek Lane
Dawn Owens
TH 3:15pm Sultana 101
ORG The Challenging Process of Transitioning an Organization: Success in Planning Part 1 JoeAnne Ballard
Ephie Johnson
TH 3:15pm Nashville 201
ORG Understanding and Managing Team Dynamics George Myers FR 1:30pm L 3 101
ORG Beyond Newsletters: Strategies and Tools for Digital Communications Sarah Quezada
Andrew Hoffman
FR 1:30pm Heritage 3 301
ORG Key Board Development Strategies: Illuminate with the Right Team Daniel Watson FR 1:30pm River Bluff 101
ORG Poised for Success: Effective Contract and Grant Management Alyssa M. Gross
FR 3:15pm L 13 201
ORG Working with Government to Connect Communities for the Common Good Ben O’Dell FR 3:15pm 204 201
PERSON Doubt: A Discussion on Justice Work and Problems with Faith Ken Wytsma TH 3:15pm L 13 101
PERSON Engaging the Community to Serve the Formerly Incarcerated Terry King FR 1:30pm Chickasaw 101
PERSON From Education to Incarceration: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline Amy Williams FR 1:30pm L 12 101
PERSON Empowering the Village: Using Restorative Justice To Transform Communities Jonathan Greener
Cliff Nellis
FR 3:15pm Mississippi 201
RELAT Creating a Culture of Self-Care Within Your Organization Abby Buter TH 1:30pm Heritage 2 101
RELAT Supporting Community Members through the Process of Change Molly Akin
Chris Oliver
TH 1:30pm Chickasaw 101
RELAT Rallying the Church to Prayer in your City John Fuder TH 1:30pm Sultana 201
RELAT Oil for My Lamp: Living Abundantly as an Introvert in CCD Nilwona Nowlin
Darren Prince
TH 3:15pm L 11 101
RELAT Giving Light to Multicultural Marriages and Families Sarah Quezada
Guillermo Quezada
David Park
TH 3:15pm River Bluff 201
RELAT Understanding and Moving Beyond Trauma Mary Beth Meadows FR 1:30pm L 2 101
RELAT Domestic Violence 101: Recognizing Signs, Understanding Barriers, Taking Action Melanie Ferguson FR 3:15pm Heritage 3 101
TOOLS Transforming Aging Church Properties and Shrinking Congregations into Neighborhood Assets Jim Bergdoll
Michael Christensen
Amy Moritz
TH 1:30pm L 13 201
TOOLS Telling your Housing Story to create affordable housing, theology and policy 101 Jill Shook
Samual Gunter
TH 1:30pm River Bluff 101
TOOLS When Work Works: Jobs-Preparedness Ministry, Discipleship, and CCD Byron McMillan
Mark Bowers
Michael Rhodes
TH 1:30pm Mississippi 201
TOOLS Faith-Rooted Organizing Marshall Hatch
Peter Hetzel
Alexia Salvatierra
Michelle Warren
TH 1:30pm 205 101
TOOLS Community Newspaper: Building a Bridge to Transformation Juanita White TH 3:15pm Heritage 3 101
TOOLS Can’t We Just Get Along: An Introduction to Conflict Transformation Michael Mata TH 3:15pm L 5 101
TOOLS The Role of a Community Connector Jay Van Groningen
Raul Garcia
FR 1:30pm L 4 101
TOOLS Neighborhood Mapping: Making your Church Invaluable to the Community John Fuder FR 1:30pm L 13 101
TOOLS Relief vs. Development: How Churches Can Get People Out of Poverty Jason Janz
Juan Pena
FR 3:15pm L 5 201
TOOLS Volunteer Management 101 Dayna Carrr FR 3:15pm Heritage 4 101
YOUTH Administration and Organization of an Effective Youth Ministry Program Tommy Carrington TH 1:30pm L 10 301
YOUTH Youth and Volunteer Development Molded by Christian Theology, Expressed Lovingly Cam Echols
Shannon Hoffman
TH 3:15pm L 10 201
YOUTH How to Build a Sports-Based Youth Development Ministry Randy Odom FR 1:30pm L 10 101
YOUTH Holistic Ministry to Teen Moms Joyce delRosario
Linda Rascon
FR 3:15pm L 11 101
YOUTH Building Cathedrals: Rethinking Urban Youth Discipleship Ted Travis FR 3:15pm Heritage 2 301
YOUTH Illuminating the Leadership Potential of Today’s Youth for Lasting Change Felecia Wade
Tony Wade
FR 3:15pm L 10 201
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