The Line: Poverty In America

As we approach what may be the most contentious and costliest election of all time, Sojourners and CCDA believe poverty needs to be back on the public agenda. We’ve worked with an Emmy-award winning writer and producer to create a new film called The Line  that reveals what poverty in America looks like today.

The Line Movie Art

This powerful 30-minute documentary features real people, their economic struggles, and their inspiring and creative responses to the challenges they face. We believe this resource will help break through traditional political divides, foster honest dialogue, and re-focus our society on the common good.

The Line premieres at 8pm EDT October 2, and we’re organizing viewing parties across the nation. We think this film could be a powerful tool for your organization to raise awareness among your constituents about poverty’s effects and potential solutions.

We’re writing to share the film’s trailer with you in hopes that you’ll ask members of your network to host screenings. Additional details about the film and information on arranging a viewing can be found at

We hope this film proves to be a valuable resource in your efforts to address poverty. Please contact Beau Underwood with any additional questions at . Also, we’re working hard to share this news far and wide. Please consider sharing the film’s website with others in your network who also might be interested in hosting a screening.

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