Stage II: Call for Musicians

Guidelines and Submission Process

  • This year, the Stage II performance area is located in the open atrium on the main floor of the Conventional Center (there will also be a few select opportunities for groups to perform outside the Convention Center).
  • The Stage II performance area will provide the opportunity for approximately 26 performances: a) Half of the performances are reserved for local Raleigh/Durham musicians and half of the performances are reserved for national musicians, b) Each performance will consist of one 30-minute set.
  • The performance area is best suited for solo and small group “unplugged” performances. A sound system will be provided, along with a keyboard (88 keys) and amps for guitars. Full drum kits are not permitted. All genres will be considered.
  • To be considered for Stage II, please submit a YouTube link or an mp3 demo by Friday, August 29. Email your link or mp3 to Dave Clark at If you have a Web site or blog, please include the URL.
  • You will be notified via email by Friday, Sep. 5th, if you are selected to perform. If selected: a) You will be scheduled to play one 30-minute set of music on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. (FYI: Stage II performances are during the non-scheduled “movement” times of the conference.), b) You will be able to register for the conference at the rate of $49 (maximum of 4 registrations per performance)**, c) You will be permitted to sell product during your performance and immediately after your performance. (An exhibit booth will be provided for performers on each side of Stage II. You are responsible for all aspects of selling your product.)
  • Musicians are responsible for bringing or shipping their own instruments to the conference. CCDA will not handle any shipping of instruments.

**Details regarding discounted registration will be provided if you are selected to perform.

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