Self Help Ministry Tour & Workshop

When: Friday, Sept. 26, noon to 5:00pm

Holistic Community Development: A Day in the Life with Self-Help and Partners
As cities revitalize, it is a delicate balance to take into consideration the community’s interests, build trust, and preserve neighborhood histories while sparking new investment.  Durham, NC has served as Self-Help’s headquarters since the organization’s founding in 1980. With over three decades of community-based neighborhood and economic development under its belt, and using land banking as a strategy to preserve and create affordable housing, Self-Help will lead a workshop on holistic community development and pose the question: How do community development institutions like Self-Help balance “mission and margin” and learn how to be in authentic partnerships working with communities? The tour will take participants through a Duke Chapel-affiliated residential fellowship house, other commercial real estate projects and affordable housing developments in Southwest Central Durham, and culminate in a visit with community leaders and the pastor of Calvary Ministries, which converted an abandoned school building into The Lyon Park Community Family Life & Recreation Center.  The Center houses GED preparation, tutoring, childcare, senior daycare, summer and after-school youth enrichment, and performing and visual arts programs. What does it take to build trust, inclusivity, and partnerships for community economic development?  How do we catalyze community through accessing its spiritual capital? Participants will come away with an understanding of how to revitalize neighborhoods by tapping into its spiritual capital, tools communities can use to ease the creative tensions that exist among community groups and institutions, and what to look for to build trusted, strategic partnerships for the long haul.

* Lunch will be provided.

Self HelpSelf HelpSelf Help

Workshop I:
Self-Help’s Approach to Holistic Community Development
Presenters: TBD

Workshop II:
Southwest Central Durham: Revitalizing neighborhoods through Spiritual Capital
Presenters: TBD

About Self Help:
Self-Help is a family of non-profit organizations – two credit unions, a community development corporation, a non-profit loan fund, and research and policy organization – that together provide financing, technical support, real estate development, consumer financial services and advocacy for those left out of the economic mainstream. Self-Help is one of the country’s leading community development financial institutions (CDFIs) with a mission of creating and protecting economic opportunity for all, with a particular emphasis for people of color, women, and residents of low-wealth and rural areas. Self-Help was founded with social and economic justice roots to help start and support worker-owned businesses in North Carolina. 

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