School for Conversion & Walltown Ministry Tour & Workshop

When: Thursday, Sept. 25, noon to 5:00pm

Durham’s Walltown neighborhood is a unique example of CCD ministries working in partnership with an historically black church in a gentrifying neighborhood. Participants will learn about history of racial division that shaped Walltown, see the effects of 15 years of affordable housing development, and hear from local residents and community leaders about the challenges of a “second attempt at integration in urban America.”

* Lunch will be provided.

School for Conversion & Walltown CommunitySchool for Conversion & Walltown Community

Workshop I:
Racial Justice in the New South: Prison, Education, and Loving New Neighbors
Presenters: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Brandon Hudson

Durham, NC has recently been named “best place to retire” (CNN Money), “tastiest town” (Southern Living), and a model for downtown redevelopment in the South. Yet, at the same time, childhood poverty in Durham is 27% and young African-American men in Durham are nine times as likely to be stopped and searched as their white peers. This “Tale of Two Durhams” is deeply rooted in history and leads to a struggle for the future of communities like Walltown. This workshop will introduce visitors to this context and to two ministries that have worked with an historically black local church to build community together.

Workshop II:
Who Controls the Future? Revisiting Black Power
Presenters: Sylvia Belcher, Robert Daniels, Alvin Black and Jennifer Jones

A panel discussion between elders and young people from Walltown about the future of the neighborhood and what role CCD type ministries have played or should play in light of gentrification.

About Walltown & The School for Conversion:
Walltown is an historically black neighborhood in Durham, NC, that grew up as a community of service workers alongside Duke University. A strong tradition of self-reliance and struggle held Walltown together through Jim Crow segregation and the Civil Rights Movement. Today, Walltown faces the twin challenges of gentrification and over-policing. The Rutba House, a new monastic house of hospitality and Urban Hope, a CCD youth ministry, have partnered with the historic black church, Duke and other local nonprofits to pursue holistic community development in this context.

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