Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are bringing you an exciting lineup of speakers and events around this year’s National Conference theme: INNOVATE. While we stand firm on the foundation of our faith in a God and a Gospel that never change, we work, develop, and build ministries that constantly change to stay relevant for the men, women, and children in our communities.

Our association has always been led by people driven to INNOVATE ways to create healthier neighborhoods, and who serve a Savior who demonstrated God’s love in unexpected ways and in unsuspecting places—always pushing the boundaries of what’s safe and comfortable to include the poor in the Beloved Community He came to establish.

Dedication to Christ and to His purposes means that we are not afraid to take risks;we do not shy away from difficult expressions of ministry. This year, we encourage you to take a risk, to connect with people you do not know, and to be vulnerable with your CCDA family members so you can experience the love and care that God provides through others in times of discouragement and despair.

We hope you enjoy our time together—laughing, learning, and worshipping God as a community of broken individuals seeking God’s restoration for ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities. Check out our general schedule, workshops, and special events.

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