Pre-Conference Institute



Each year, we offer a few select Pre-Conference Institute Classes on Wednesday afternoon, before the opening plenary. This is a unique opportunity to receive additional training and resources from some of our top practitioners in these fields. 

Event Details

When:  Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1-5pm
Cost: $40 pre-registration, $45 on site. Space is limited to 80 per class.
Location: Cook Convention Center Lobby Rooms  (Urban Design for CCD will be located 4 blocks away at Calvary Episcopal Church)

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Community Development through Education: Working in and alongside a reforming education system
Facilitators: Robin Henderson & Leslie Garrote
Location: L2
This 4-hour workshop is designed for community development practitioners who work inside or alongside K-12 schools. We will discuss topics ranging from building school partnerships to developing effective educational programs and supporting students from outside school walls. Participants will have ample opportunity to interact with workshop facilitators and each other. Time will be allotted to develop plans for integrating new knowledge into current work.


Does the Lord Care Though? Urban Youth Leadership in an Era of Michael Brown, the Uprisings in Ferguson & Baltimore, and the Killings in Charleston
Facilitators: Dan Hodge
Location: L3
We are at a crossroads in our nation’s history. The events that unfolded in Ferguson, MO in the latter part of 2014 are not isolated. Dylann Roof is not a “lone wolf” murdered. Moreover, youth workers, ministers, and advocates need to take action. The time is now! This session explores what urban leadership looks like in a post-Civil Rights context while focusing in on the dynamics of power, race, class, and Christianity. This workshop will break down the main cultural tropes which influence and affect our youth today while asserting a new paradigm in urban youth leadership.


Intro to CCD Philosophy
Facilitators: TBD
Location: L4
God is at work in our neighborhoods. He has provided resources and gifts that, when utilized, bring about Kingdom transformation. This Intro to Christian Community Development (CCD) class introduces each of the 8 Key Components of the CCD Philosophy, while going deeper into the components of Listening to the Community and Empowerment. Together, we will discover how this approach to ministry restores and transforms lives, communities, and systems. Participants will learn how this philosophy helps churches and NPOs engage their communities in healthy ways and identify the practical implications for our ministry when we implement CCD.


The Language of Shalom
Facilitators: Cheryl Miller & Jessica Moreno
Location: L5
The philosophy of restorative justice creates a beautiful backdrop to impact broken and hurting communities. This philosophy and processes should not be limited to the areas of crime. The Language of Shalom combines restorative justice principles, mediation principles and biblical principles to allow us to effectively address reconciliation and restoration that can build healthier communities and neighborhoods. Participants will learn effective principles and gain practical communication skills to assist in facilitating reconciliation and transformation.

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