Pre-Conference Classes


CCDA, along with partners, is offering a variety of trainings to meet the needs of practitioners and partners who want to learn more about Christian Community Development. CCDA’s own Institute is offering ten courses on Wednesday, September 26, and the annual CCD academic collaborative class, coordinated by Jimmy Dorrell, occurs September 24-29. See below for more info about pre-conference learning opportunities.

Pre-conference Institute

If you’re interested in a four-hour course on the 8 Key Components or a specific essential of ministry with the poor, join us at September 26, from 1pm to 5pm. Register for Pre-Conference Institute Classes now.

Choose from these exciting classes:

  • The 8 Key Components (Instructors: Bethany Dudley, Greg Ijiwola): When we look around our neighborhoods, we see brokenness, oppression, and injustice. However, we know that God is already at work in our neighborhoods. He has provided resources and gifts that can bring Kingdom transformation. This course introduces the 8 Key Components of Christian Community Development and explains how this approach to ministry restores and transforms lives, communities, and systems.
  • Reconciliation (Instructors: Chanequa Walker-Barnes, Dominique Gilliard, Sami DiPasquale): In this class we take an honest look at the attitudes, the misconceptions, and systems and structures that keep us from experiencing Biblical reconciliation. Through exploring Scripture, sharing practical experiences and engaging in honest dialogue, we seek to increase the reconciliation efforts and capacities of our ministries.
  • Relocation (Instructors: Ruth Arnold, Jarvain Bingmon): Relocators–whether a Returner who is moving back into the neighborhood, a Remainer who has never left the neighborhood, or a Relocator moving into the neighborhood for the first time–are the most effective messengers of the gospel in under-resourced communities. This class explores theological and practical aspects of living among the poor, and provide students space to dialogue about the benefits and challenges of relocation.
  • Redistribution (Instructors: Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy, Jonathan Blackburn): When the body of Christ is visibly present and living among the poor (relocation), and when people are intentionally loving their neighbors the way they love themselves (reconciliation), the result is a just distribution of resources. Redistribution means leveraging resources (people, goods, services, skills, influence and money) that catalyze neighborhood transformation into under-resourced communities, with lifelong residents providing primary leadership in collaboration with external partners. This class explores how to work towards a just distribution of resources and discusses the differences of two worldviews: Viewing yourself as an owner with rights, and viewing yourself as a steward with responsibilities.
  • Starting Up: Entrepreneurial Business/Ministry Class (Instructor: Brian Jenkins): Learn to create sustainability for your ministry or organization using the StartingUp Now platform to produce a business plan. The training session includes: your own copy of StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Business, one Basic Membership to Skillcenter, and three hours of training.
  • Youth Leadership Development: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders (Instructor: Dan Hodge): This course is designed to engage the urban, suburban, and rural youth and young adult worker to better understand how to raise local youth leadership within their context. This intensive helps to create a space, learning context, and best practices model for youth and young adult leadership development within the CCDA philosophy.
  • Educational Advocacy and Public Education (Instructors: Matthew Watts, Bob Brown): We are all concerned about the quality of education in under-resourced communities. We want to improve public education, but feel ineffective against institutional power. A comprehensive approach to educational advocacy in public schools requires knowledge of the systems and tools that lead to reform. Learn how to bring about positive change in your public schools from experienced CCD practitioners.
  • Outside the City Limits: Empowering Rural CCD Practitioners (Facilitated by Matthew Belgie and CCDA’s Rural Committee): Feeling isolated? Facing the challenges of finding resources? This class, presented by rural practitioners, provides useful methods and redemptive stories that address the unique challenges of rural Christian Community Development and provides opportunities to connect with the rural CCDA network.
  • Transformational Urban Church Planting (Instructors: Don Davenport, Henry Greenridge): This workshop provides current and potential urban church planters insights from seasoned practitioners in the dynamic and transformative nature of urban church planting infused with the DNA of Christian Community Development. Biblical teaching, real life examples and interactive dialogue provide an environment for interaction and learning.
  • Raising Marriage and Parenting Champions in Urban Communities (Instructors: Alicia La Hoz, Charlie Woehr, Omaira Gonzalez): Developing a marriage education program is more than simply gathering a group of people together for a discussion. Learn a comprehensive approach that addresses relationship development and marriage strengthening while also developing a culture within your organization or church that values and supports marriage. This institute features a successful broad-based marriage education model geared for developing marriage and parenting champions, tools, strategies, practices, resources, cultural considerations, and successful implementation. This class is presented in Spanish, with English translation available.

*Class fees are $40 pre-registration and $45 on site; space is limited to 40 per class. Register for Pre-Conference Institute Classes now.


Christian Community Development Class

Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to enroll through their own collaborating academic institution in this pre-conference opportunity to spend six days, including the CCDA conference, with CCDA leaders, learning about Christian Community Development through practical and theological training, examples of best practices, and a local tour, all led by experienced practitioners and professors. For more information, or to get your institution involved, contact the class director, Jimmy Dorrell, at Download the schedule and syllabus  pdf  .

Participating Academic Institutions to date

  1. George W. Truett Seminary (Baylor-Waco)
  2. Northwestern (Minneapolis)
  3. Carson-Newman (Tennessee)
  4. Loyola University-Institute of Pastoral Studies (Chicago)
  5. Denver Seminary (Denver)
  6. Northpark (Chicago)
  7. Sioux Fall Seminary (Sioux Falls)
  8. Bakke Graduate University
  9. Shaw University (North Carolina)
  10. Northeastern Seminary (Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY)
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