Get the most out of your National Conference experience by starting Wednesday afternoon with our Pre-Conference classes. There are two ways to kick off this year’s National Conference, choose from one of the six four-hour interactive Pre-Conference Institute classes, or join with other CCDA Academic Partners for a wrap-around Christian Community Development Class. Class fees are $40 pre-registration and $45 on-site; space is limited to 40 per class. Register for Pre-Conference Institute Classes now.

Pre-Conference Institute Classes

When: Wednesday September 11, from 1pm to 5pm
Where: Hyatt Hotel (same location as National Conference)
Why: To enhance your conference experience by going deeper into the philosophy of Christian Community Development by diving into the 8 Key Components, Community Organizing, Reconciliation, and Business & Social Enterprise.
Cost: Class fees are $40 pre-registration and $45 on site; space is limited to 40 per class.

The 8 Key Components: An Introduction to the CCD Philosophy
“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Millions say this prayer every Sunday, yet when we look around our neighborhoods, we do not see the Kingdom reflected. We see brokenness, oppression, and injustice. However, we know that God is already at work in our neighborhoods; He has provided resources and gifts that, when utilized, bring Kingdom transformation. This workshop will introduce the 8 Key Components of the Christian Community Development Philosophy, and together, we will discover how this approach to ministry restores and transforms lives, communities, and systems. Register now.

Christine NolfChristine Brooks Nolf
Gregory Lan IjiwolaGregory Lan Ijiwola

Leadership Development
There is often a misnomer that there is a lack of leaders in under-resourced communities, and therefore, leaders need to be brought in from the outside to make any real change in the community. The reality is, there are many leaders in our communities; some are already leading, while others are waiting for the opportunity to lead. CCD leadership development is multifaceted in that it recognizes the importance of youth development, indigenous leadership development, and the leadership development of the relocator. This workshop will provide new insight and practical application for the continual development of leaders in your community. Register now.

Kit DanleyKit Danley
Steve ParkSteve Park

The heart of Christian Community Development is the church – the body of Christ, made up of followers of Jesus Christ who seek to be his representatives on earth by loving God and loving neighbor. The purpose of CCD is for every community to look like the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). CCD utilizes the uniqueness of the church’s ability to see each person as made in the image of God with gifts to contribute towards the Kingdom of God. The body of Christ has unique gifts and power when it physically comes together in the form of a local church. Jesus sends the church out into the neighborhood when he says, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” This workshop is for urban, rural, suburban, and sub-urban churches. Register now.

Pastor Judy MarshalPastor Judy Marshal
Pastor Jonathan BrooksPastor Jonathan Brooks
Pastor Jason ButlerPastor Jason Butler

Community Organizing
Throughout 2013, thousands of Americans have organized to bring change to a broken immigration system that deeply affects many in our communities. This immigration campaign demonstrates the importance of strategically combining the best of Christian Community Development with advocacy and organizing to bring systemic changes for justice. The need for change does not stop with immigration. Our nation’s war on drugs and resulting mass incarceration, particularly impacting communities of color, demands development, discipleship, and strong organizing for change. In this pre-conference class, you will learn some of the basic building blocks of faith-based community organizing to address injustices that affect and limit people in our neighborhoods every day. Register now.

Troy JacksonTroy Jackson

The Language of Shalom
Reconciliation opportunities abound in our communities, yet often our language is insufficient to create places for healing and transformation to occur. Our standard means of communication can fall short when attempting to address the complex issues of our neighbors and community. This course introduces the Language of Shalom that will begin to allow us to communicate in a manner that increases reconciliation and the impact we have in our Christian community development work. The Language of Shalom borrows principles, processes, and skills from both the fields of mediation and restorative justice. This means of communication not only facilitates reconciliation but becomes useful in many other areas of our lives. Register now.

Cheryl MillerCheryl Miller

Business & Social Enterprise
Economic Development is a critical component of Christian Community Development. A growing movement inside of CCDA is engaging business and social enterprise to create jobs in communities with high unemployment and significant underemployment. Joel Hamernick of Sunshine Gospel Ministries in Chicago will present a CCDA Theology of Business. Dr. Amy Sherman, author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good, will demonstrate how churches and organizations can appropriately engage business and professional people in Christian community development. Rudy Carrasco of Partners Worldwide will share existing models for CCDA business and social enterprise ministry. Takeaway: Your church or ministry will gain a foundation for business and social enterprise that results in jobs created and lives transformed. Register now.

Joel HammernickJoel Hammernick
Amy ShermanAmy Sherman
Rudy CarrascoRudy Carrasco

Immigration Conundrum is Opportunity for the Church
The church has been doing a great job advocating for justice and compassion but weak in preparing for how to transition from advocacy to walking people through the challenging legal maze of immigration processing. The government allows for faith based ministries to help immigrants through this process. Immigrant Hope (, in partnership with CCDA, is focusing on equipping churches to give people the hope of the gospel, help churches to become recognized by the government to provide legal services, and become a church that welcomes the immigrant into their home and community. Immigrant Hope, CCDA, World Relief and a host of other organizations are working together to prepare churches for this transition. If you are praying for rain, you need to carry an umbrella. Likewise, if you are advocating for justice, you need to prepare to be the hands and feet of what we have worked so hard to become a reality. Register now.

Pastor Judy MarshalAlex Mandes

Academic Wrap-Around Course: Christian Community Development Class

When: Monday, September 9th through Saturday, September 14th
Where: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (just 20 minutes from the CCDA conference hotel)
Why: This class is open to M.A., Master of Divinity, D. Min. and undergraduate students looking to focus on wholistic principles and community development methodology and best practices that can help Christians, churches and Christian-based organizations bring healing and hope to the poor and disenfranchised of our nation and world.

Jimmy DorrellJimmy Dorrell
Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to enroll through their own collaborating academic institution in this pre-conference opportunity to spend six days, including the CCDA conference, learning about Christian Community Development through practical and theological training, examples of best practices, and a local tour, all led by experienced practitioners and professors. For more information, or to get your institution involved, contact the class director, Jimmy Dorrell, at Download the schedule and syllabus.

Participating Academic Institutions To Date:

  1. George W. Truett Seminary (Baylor-Waco)
  2. Bakke Graduate University
  3. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  4. Loyola IPS
  5. Shaw University
  6. Wesley Seminary at IWU
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