Morning & Evening Events

Salsa Dancing
Wednesday, 9:00-10:00pm
Location: Plaza Pool Deck
Join us for an evening of salsa dancing with Clave Dura, a nine-piece local Latin music band, on the Westin’s rooftop pool deck, surrounded by the city lights. Grab a friend and your dancing shoes or enjoy a beverage while taking in the view and amazing live music. No previous experience with salsa or dancing partner required.

Reflective Prayer Walk in Downtown LA
Thursday, September 1, 7:00-8:00am
Please join Jude Tiersma Watson and Mary Glenn for this one hour reflective prayer walk in downtown Los Angeles. We will be reflecting on questions of how we can engage with the Living God in the midst of the urban setting filled with movement and activity; how can we hear his voice in the midst of the city? Jude has lived in the Westlake immigrant neighborhood of central LA for 20 years; her and her husband are a part of the InnerCHANGE team in LA. Rev. Dr. Mary Glenn has called the city of LA home for 20 years; she leads downtown LA city walks and urban immersions with the nonprofit City Net. During this reflective prayer walk, we will have an opportunity to experience God’s presence in and heart for the city. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Registration closed.

Morning Run
Thursday and Friday, 7:00 – 7:45am
Location: Meet in the Westin Lobby, near Concierge
Start your day off with an early morning run/walk with fellow conference attendees.

Morning Workout Class
Thursday and Friday, 7:00 – 7:45am
Location: Pasadena Room (below Lobby level)
Get a jumpstart to your day with a high energy atmosphere and team-style full body workout! We will go through a warm-up, work on some form and technique and then complete a challenging workout for all levels. There will be opportunity to advance or regress every movement. Let’s have fun!

Supper Club
Thursday & Friday, 5:00 – 6:30pm
Location: Various; Meet in Westin Lobby, between the green & yellow towers
It’s a known fact: LA is home to some incredible food. The Supper Club is perfect for anyone attending the conference alone or those who want to share a meal with others and experience a bit of local food. Sign up at the Info Booth and meet fellow attendees to walk together to the predetermined restaurant. Participants are responsible for their own food costs.

Poetry Night
Friday, 9:00pm
Location: Emerald Bay
Join us for a night of poetry, words, and language to give our souls a reprieve and a push for the journey that lies ahead of us. This will be a dynamic time of performance, workshop, and open mic led by Arielle Estoria and Katie Halstead, two Los Angeles-area poets who have made poetry their mission. Come and see how the Spirit of God can meet and renew us through poetry.

Prayer Room
Location: Vine
Throughout the conference, we will have a room in the hotel reserved for prayer. Visit Vine to take some time to pray quietly or with someone from the prayer team.

Art Reflection Room

Wednesday, 3:00-7:00pm, 9:00-10:30pm
Thursday & Friday, 11:30am-1:00pm, 3:00-7:00pm, 9:00-10:30pm
Location: Pasadena Ballroom (below Lobby level)

Need to process a challenging plenary message? Sketch out an exciting idea that came to you during a workshop? Reflect on something God is doing in your life or community? Visit our arts reflection room. We’ll have supplies and space available for you to engage creatively with the conference through a variety of mediums––plus, you can contribute to a community art piece, interact with local artists, or view three CCD-themed art collections.

Featured Art:

Everyday L.A.: Storefront Houses of Worship
About 15 years ago, Martin H. Krieger began a series of photographic documentation projects and exhibitions of everyday Los Angeles: storefront houses of worship, DWP stations, industrial sites and people at work, and swap meet vendors, among others. There is a long tradition of serious visual documentation in urban planning and development, and enormous concern about the visual in planning, Krieger says.

God Is in the Graffiti
The initiative, “God Is in the Graffiti: A New Lens on Religious Symbols in Street Art,” provides spaces for vital conversations with youth and young adult artists, scholars, and the general public about specific topics that affect our communities. Based on these conversations, our young artists have been asked to reflect, interpret and create original art pieces.

Global Migration and Refugees
In addition to viewing the work of the series on “Global Migration and Refugees,” you are invited to respond to our Global Migration collection with questions, comments, sketches, or other creative expressions inspired by the pieces in this series. 

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