Each year, leaders from other parts of the world, including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, attend CCDA’s National Conference. The growing international interest led to the development of CCDA’s Global Connections Community (GCC).

GCC aspires to build trans-national relationships, network with existing CCD work globally, learn from CCD practices in other contexts, respond to international interest, and identify a strategic pathway for CCDA’s growing global involvement. Read more about who we are and CCDA’s work through the Global Connections Community.

If you are interested in attending the National Conference, please note the following:

We encourage you to connect with a global network that promotes church-based Christian Community Development in your country or region. We can direct you to these international groups:

  • Micah Network – a global association of hundreds of organizations in 80+ countries pursuing holistic, integral mission – including CCD
  • La Red Del Camino – a movement focused on connecting churches & practitioners involved in integral mission in Latin America
  • Ray Bakke Associates – building global urban networks (Middle East & Far East)
  • InnerCHANGE– Christian order among the poor worldwide

If you have a valid US Visa:

If you do not have a valid US Visa: 

  • If you are an international practitioner with a connection to a CCDA leader or member, you can request a letter of invitation for a US visa application by fulfilling the following requirements:
    1. Complete the International Invitation Request Form.
    2. To demonstrate a connection to a CCDA leader or member, submit a letter of reference completed by said leader (send as PDF to
    3. Requests will be reviewed by the Global Connections Committee. If approved, invitations will be generated at the beginning of each month (one addressed to the US Consulate, and one addressed to you). CCDA will email all invitations. Invitations will be sent via postal mail by request only.
    4. We request to be informed if and when your visa is approved. Please contact Jennifer Issac at if you have obtained a visa and plan to attend the conference.
    5. Deadline to submit: August 1st, 2017

CCDA cannot provide any financial assistance for travel or conference expenses. However, we will waive your conference registration fee. Once you have confirmed your attendance, CCDA will process your registration.

All international attendees are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements. Please forward your travel and lodging details to Jennifer Isaac at

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