#Flourish14 Afternoon Options

With nearly 80 workshops on this year’s National Conference agenda and some 15 Go & Sees, there are Afternoon Options aplenty to choose from, including several featured workshops and a variety of ministry tours in and around the Raleigh-Durham metro area.

Please note that Go & See events require pre-registration, unlike workshops, which require no sign-up. Among the Go & See options are site visits to World Relief, two different Habitat for Humanity locations, and the opportunity to tour the South Park neighborhood, which features four different partner organizations and ministries.

Meanwhile, on the workshop front, there are 19 different tracks to choose from—Business as Ministry, Church in the Community, Housing, and Relational Health, among them. In addition, the featured workshops offer higher-profile and veteran CCDA speakers addressing broad, high-interest topics.

Here’s a look at the featured-workshop lineup:

  • Engaging Prosperity Theology: Prosperity theology, and its parent evangelical triumphalism, are extremely popular in the church today—especially in under-resourced communities. Despite the vast prominence of this worldview, there has been little in-depth discussion surrounding its theological stipulations: Can the follower of Jesus expect physical and financial prosperity? Is suffering the result of a lack of faith? This workshop seeks to unpack the theological tenets of triumphalism and critique the negative implications on the faith and practice of the church, with a special emphasis on under-resourced communities. The workshop will present a model of interpreting and engaging the suffering of under-resourced communities from the foundation of celebration and lament.
  • Stories from our Founders: CCDA was founded more than 25 years ago. This is a unique opportunity to hear from some of our founders as they offer stories and insights from the beginnings of CCDA.
  • Where the Cross meets the Street: What happens when God is in the center of a neighborhood? In this workshop, CCDA CEO Noel Castellanos will present a Biblical framework for ministry in under-resourced communities. His cross diagram will provide a helpful tool that will empower CCD leaders to embrace a wholistic approach that puts God’s Kingdom priorities at the center of community transformation.
  • Overview of CCD Philosophy: This workshop will introduce the 8 Key Components of the Christian Community Development philosophy, and together we will discover how this approach to ministry restores and transforms lives, communities, and systems. Together we will: understand the Biblical foundations for Christian Community Development; gain a basic understanding of the 8 Key Components; begin identifying some of the practical implications for our ministries when we implement Christian Community Development.
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