1. When will registration open?
    Registration is now open! Register here.
  2. Can I register more than one person at a time?
    Yes. Anyone, members and non-members alike, can purchase multiple tickets for any event within the CCDA National Conference. However, in order to edit the names of your ticketholders, you must be a CCDA member and logged into the CCDA website. (For organizational members, the primary contact must purchase and manage tickets.) If you are not a member at the time of purchase, you will be required to become a member later in order to edit the names assigned to your tickets. Individual membership is free.
  3. Do I have to assign a name to each ticket as I purchase them, or can I do that later?
    CCDA needs a name, email, organization, city and state for every person registering for the National Conference. This information does not need to be provided at the time of purchase, but if we do not receive it before August 27, 2013, your attendees will have to complete their registrations by paper, on site. Because this can be a time-consuming process, we recommend that you assign a name to each purchased ticket prior to the conference.
  4. When is the last date to register for the conference?
    Pre-event registration ends August 27, 2013 Registration opens again on September 11, 2013, the first day of the conference. New registrations will be accepted at that time, as space permits. This year’s registration is limited to 3,000 attendees.
  5. How do I redeem my 2-for-1 National Conference Registration?
    This benefit is for organizational members only. If you are a new organizational member or if you renewed your membership between October 1, 2012 and April 5, 2013, you should have received an email from Dave Clark, Events and Gatherings Director. This email contains a link and instructions to access this benefit. If you cannot find your link or you have questions, please contact Dave Clark at
  6. What do I need to do to qualify for the student rate?
    CCDA offers an economical registration rate for students because we know that students usually have little expendable income. The student rate is available to everyone on the honor system. We ask that only those currently enrolled in part- or full-time undergraduate or graduate studies purchase tickets at this rate.
  7. Is there anything special for youth at this conference?
    Yes. We have a special youth event within our National Conference, the National Student Leadership Intensive (NSLI), Friday night and all day Saturday, September 13 & 14. The intensive offers youth leaders the chance to get to know students from other CCD-focused ministries and to sit at the feet of CCDA’s emerging leaders as they share about the key components of Christian Community Development. Click here for more information about NSLI.
    Registration opens March 1st.
  8. Will CCDA offer childcare at the conference?
    Yes. Click here for more information about childcare.
  9. Can people from outside the U.S. attend the National Conference?
    Yes. Click here for more information about international delegates.
  10. How do I change or cancel my registration?
    To change the name on any ticket you have purchased, you must be an individual member or the primary contact of a CCDA member organization. Once you have logged into the CCDA website, you can make changes to any ticketholder information for tickets you purchased. To change any other information or cancel a registration you must call CCDA’s National Office at 773.475.7370 or email

    If you did not purchase your ticket, the person who did must change your information by following the steps above.
    Read CCDA’s Event Policies for more information.

  11. Why does CCDA charge change and cancellation fees?
    Every time the National Office processes a payment, we are charged a fee that is a percentage of the total transaction. We charge change and cancellation fees to cover our costs. Read CCDA’s Event Policies for more information.
  12. What is the cost of an exhibit booth?
    Exhibit booths range in price from $600 to $1200, depending on visibility, location, and size of the booth. CCDA organizational members receive a 25% discount off any level.
    Read more about 2013 National Conference exhibit booths.
  13. Can I ship items to the conference site for my exhibit booth?
    Yes. More info coming soon.
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