Dorcas Ministries Tour & Workshop

When: Thursday, Sept. 25, noon to 5:00pm

Visitors will get a comprehensive look at all aspects of Dorcas Ministries, a non-profit human services agency with a 46 year history in Cary, NC. Guests will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the ministries’ major source of revenue: the Dorcas Thrift Shop and Cary Plaza, a reclaimed shopping center that is being transformed into a non-profit hub in downtown Cary. Dorcas has historically served as a local relief agency but in recent years has begun to embrace the CCDA philosophy and transition clients seeking relief services into developmental programs. Staff will share successes and challenges experienced along the way.

* Lunch will be provided.


Workshop I:
From Crisis to Transition: Building Relationships
Presenter: Jill Straight

Dorcas Ministries seeks to transition clients out of financial crisis by engaging them in relational programs, such as Jobs for Life, Faith and Finance and Dorcas Hope, a mental wellness program. This workshop will give practical tips for implementing relational programs with an emphasis on the importance of community engagement.

Workshop II:
Self-Sustainable Revenue through Thrift, Solar and Recycling
Presenter: Howard Manning

Dorcas Ministries has several self-sustainable revenue sources: a community thrift shop, a recycling program and a solar energy farm. Guests will learn best practices in developing and managing self-sustaining revenue sources. The workshop will also discuss the key role of volunteers in the Dorcas model.

About Dorcas:
Dorcas Ministries provides crisis relief to area residents who seek stability and self-sufficiency through food and financial assistance; scholarships for childcare, retraining and mental wellness; financial literacy and job readiness training programs; and an affordable thrift shop. Dorcas Ministries is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.

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