DACA has been rescinded

Dear CCDA Familia,

It is with deep sadness I share the news that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been repealed. President Trump had the opportunity and the power entrusted to him by the American people to value human lives over political campaign promises and keep DACA in place. This misguided decision to repeal DACA further destabilizes immigrant communities and their families and ignores the majority of American citizens who overwhelmingly support DACA recipients.

DACA, which was put into effect June 2012, provided temporary protected status from deportation along with work permits for undocumented immigrants who were brought here as young children, also referred to as Dreamers. Around 800,000 Dreamers have received DACA status; many Dreamers from our CCD communities have benefitted greatly from this program. Today’s repeal is heartbreaking.

We at CCDA want to affirm that we stand with Dreamers and the thousands of individuals, pastors, leaders, institutions, businesses and organizations who support the futures of those who have been impacted by this repeal. We not only stand with Dreamers on this day but also pledge to work toward legislation that will protect them from deportation allowing them to flourish as individuals and within our collective society.

I invite our association to join me alongside many others to work toward a legislative solution. These young men and women should be given the opportunity toward a legal and permanent path forward. This is both the moral and compassionate responsibility of our elected leaders and we need to work to ensure that they make this a legislative priority. It will be a dark day in the history of our nation if our political leaders refuse to put partisan politics aside, protecting their own political power, instead of protecting young people who were reared to believe in the values of America and are contributing toward its progress.

As followers of Christ, who calls us to protect the vulnerable and to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed, we must lift our voices to denounce this action and do what we can to walk with our nation’s Dreamers until we have legislation that protects their future.

Buen Camino,

Noel Castellanos, President



Close to 800,000 people who came to this country as minors have just lost their right to remain legally in this country. I personally know 100’s of young people who were able to go to college, find employment, and contribute to my community because of DACA. Now more than ever, I strongly urge our legislators to find a permanent solution to obtain permanent legal status in the US. This move is right for them and it’s the right move for the future of our country.

Ava Steaffens, CEO, CCDA

There is no separating the repeal of DACA from the anti-Gospel lie of white supremacy that undergirds numerous systems in American society. Dreamers work hard and instill hope within immigrant communities across generations. They have aspirations for futures like other American youth. They proudly serve in our Armed Forces and are willing to die for their country. Removing protections for Dreamers while failing to ensure protective immigration legislation is in place, not only lacks compassion, but purges 800,000 young people who have heavily invested in our country’s welfare, from our community. It is time for courageous leadership that rejects and dismantles white supremacy, acknowledges and embraces the beautiful diversity that IS the United States of America, and works towards creating a more equitable society that celebrates the gifts immigrants share. Fighting for Dreamers is fighting for our collective future.

Mayra Macedo-Nolan, Board Chair, CCDA

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