CCDA Global Connections Community

Who We Are

The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) was formed in 1989 after Dr. John Perkins called together a group of Christian leaders from across the United States who were bonded by one significant commitment: expressing the love of Jesus in America’s poor communities at the grassroots level. CCDA held its first annual conference in Chicago in 1989. Since then, CCDA has inspired, trained and connected Christians who are restoring under-resourced communities throughout the US and increasingly all over the world. The CCDA National Conference, which began with 200 attendees, now attracts a faithful, multi-racial contingent of over 2500 servant leaders, the majority are participating members in the association from throughout the United States.

Over the years CCDA has come to realize that the most creative long-term solutions to the problems of the poor come from grassroots and church-based efforts. Sustainable solutions come from people who see themselves as the representatives, the agents, for Jesus here on earth, in their own neighborhoods and communities. The philosophy known as Christian Community Development (CCD) comes from practical, Biblical principles for transformation that have evolved from years of living and working together in communities of need.

Global Connections Community

CCDA’s Global Connections Community (GCC) was formed in response to growing international interest in the CCD model, work, and experience. GCC aspires to build trans-national relationships, network with existing CCD work globally, learn from CCD practices, respond to international interest, and identify a strategic pathway for CCDA’s growing global involvement through relational networks.

CCDA currently includes diverse expressions of CCD outside of the United States, mainly through the relationships its US members have with other Christian Community Development practitioners from around the world. GCC helps navigate the growing international interest in participation in the National Conference in the US by responding to requests, referring global leaders to other networks that promote CCD in their local contexts, networking with groups that practice and promote CCD for mutual learning and development, and working to expose CCDA membership to relevant global expressions of the holistic Gospel – through the recommendation of international speakers, workshop presenters, and global learning experiences.

CCDA recognizes that our CCD model is one among many similar approaches that God has inspired among compassionate servant followers of Jesus to bring restoration and shalom to under-resourced communities around the world. Rather than seeking to export the CCD model that we have developed in our context, we desire to learn and share our knowledge and experience with other expressions of CCD that exist and that are inspiring and equipping the church to respond to her neighbors in need as well.

The Global Connections Community has a growing list of international CCD practitioners & organizations with current connections to CCDA leaders/ministries. GCC is focused on building relationships, listening, learning, and connecting.

Through these efforts, CCDA is building relationships with several global networks:

  • Micah Network – a global association of hundreds of organizations in 80+ countries pursuing holistic, integral mission – including CCD
  • La Red Del Camino – a movement focused on connecting churches & practitioners involved in integral mission in Latin America
  • Ray Bakke Associates – building global urban networks (Middle East & Far East)
  • InnerCHANGE – Christian order among the poor worldwide

As these connections are cultivated, CCDA hopes to have US member representatives attend more overseas gatherings that promote and equip the church to actively participate in God’s restorative plans. It is important to point out that CCDA does not start, manage, or fund ministries. We are an equipping, inspiring and connecting association. Our aim is to be strategically networked in a learning community of CCD practitioners globally.

For CCD practitioners from the United States that are called to serve outside of our contexts, we hope to develop and provide more content at the CCDA National Conference geared towards international CCD efforts.

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