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We are thrilled the CCDA National Conference will be hosted in Detroit, October 4–7, 2017.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life and ministry’s extraordinary challenges, and is grounded in life-giving relationships. How are the followers of Jesus to grow in the resilience needed to sustain a call to practice Christian Community Development? […]

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“For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn” This simple line from the well-known Christmas hymn, “O Holy Night” depicts the disruption of light, seen from a distance, yet breaking through darkness that first Christmas thousands of years ago. As we come to our final week in Advent, we are reminded that the celebration of […]

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Patience and longsuffering

Patience and longsuffering.  The essentiality of patience and longsuffering during this Advent season may be just the discovery Christians require as 2016 comes to an end. It has certainly come as a much needed discovery in my own life as the insidious beast, known as depression, debilitates members of my family this year. We are […]

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Anticipation. It’s a positive re-frame for the simple fact that we wait for things. We wait in line to buy tea or a snack, we wait for a friend to return a phone call, we wait for our day to end, or our day to begin. We anticipate what’s coming next, and in doing so, […]

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CCDA Advent -- Hope-01

Hope: Reflections from Isaiah 11

  Advent is all about hope. Hope is that particular kind of waiting with expectation that refuses to be discouraged in the face of delay and detour. Each year during Advent we celebrate and stir hope in our hearts because the Promised One has come. Word became flesh and dwelled among us. Hope was no […]

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Thanksgiving and lament, gratitud y lamento

Thanksgiving and lament, gratitud y lamento. The both/and of kingdom theology charges us with the need to inhabit both those spaces. As Christians, we see this contrast and presence in so many places throughout Scripture. One could even argue that the themes of thanksgiving and lament are the most compelling, timeless themes in Scripture.

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A new vision for the city we need

Michael Mata, John Liotti and Mary Nelson recently represented CCDA at the Urban Shalom Project prelude to the UN Urban Habitat III gathering in Quito, Ecuador. The hope was to articulate the value added voice of Christians to the vision and work of just, sustainable cities at the UN Conference, a voice that has not […]

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Conference Videos

We are in the process of going through all the media created at the 2016 National Conference in LA. It was an exciting time and we are so excited to share it with you. Bookmark this page and come back as it will continue to be refreshed.

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Hope and expectation

I just returned from a one day trip to Detroit where we began to solidify our host committee planning with local leaders in anticipation of our national conference in October of 2017. While there’s great excitement for next year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the Camino and the 2016 national conference […]

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Modern Day Slavery Workshop Series

At the 2016 National Conference, we will take a close look at human trafficking and modern day slavery. This is an important issue of Biblical justice and advocacy. In the midst of an amazing lineup of workshops, we wanted to highlight the human trafficking and modern day slavery workshop track. We’re partnering with some incredible [...]
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