front porch

The Liminal Space

It had already been a long day at work in Akron, Ohio, when part of our staff gathered together in the back room of the Front Porch building for a strategic planning meeting. Though our days had all looked different, all of us had been embodying our mission at South Street Ministries: “Unlikely partners taking […]

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John-Mark Hart’s Story

For a couple of decades I’ve been watching my friends and neighbors suffer due to our nation’s broken immigration system. I was slow—inexcusably slow—to join the work of changing this system. But over time the accumulation of painful memories became too substantial for me to ignore, especially the memories of my friend José. About nine […]

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I walk for my son

We walked into the apartment and the air was thick and stood still. Everyone sat frozen, avoiding our eyes. His sister stared at the television, his step-dad worked vigorously at a spot on the table. His mom was the only one… eyes locked. “Ven, siéntate, necesitamos hablar,” she managed. He grabbed a banana off the […]

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Chauncey Shillow’s Story

Abre tu boca por los mudos, por los derechos de todos los desdichados.” — Proverbios 31:8 I met Evelyn when she walked into my theatre class five and a half years ago. At that time, I did not know how much she would give to me, those students, or their school. Now I know that […]

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Brad and Kim Bandy’s Story

We’re in a world where phrases like ‘elevator pitch’ and ‘return on investment’ land deeper than business plans and seep into our spiritual beings. We find ourselves surfing the waves of social issue to social issue—trying to stay afloat, never letting ourselves be immersed with the understanding that every ‘issue’ is made up of the […]

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detroit hotel

Detroit Marriott at Renaissance Center

The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is one of the leading hotels in Detroit featuring unrivaled amenities and is located in the heart of the city. The Detroit People Mover public transportation system enables guests to have easy access to city attractions. Enjoy the prime location in the heart of downtown and delight in […]

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Defending the Vulnerable

As two Southern California leaders living out CCD in our communities, we are intimately aware of the issues surrounding the broken immigration system. Robert is both an immigration attorney and professor of Chicana/o Studies and Asian American Studies at UCLA. Erica has worked in youth development in South L.A. and currently mentors student activist. Together […]

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Set the Captives Free

Set the Captives Free

Mobilizing Christians to End Mass Incarceration by Miea A. Walker, MSW and Rev. Dr. Shawn Casselberry The United States calls itself the land of liberty yet we have more people incarcerated than any other nation. Christ came to set captives free yet many Christians do not see ending mass incarceration as a discipleship priority. This […]

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Locked in Solidarity

The beginning of a new year can be a time of reflection – for most. A fresh start or clean slate to make resolutions, to recommit to the work we are doing, the opportunity to begin again. But for many in our communities, the impact of incarceration looms regardless of new seasons. Men, women, and […]

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How will Christians demonstrate Christ’s radical love in 2017?

Earlier this fall I posted something opinionated about the presidential election on facebook. Truth is, I’m full of opinions and often share them publicly. A friend of mine challenged my stance and wouldn’t let up. He insulted me and others who participated in the discussion and refused engage in a respectful manner. As the argument […]

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CCDA Advent -- Obedience-1024


“For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn” This simple line from the well-known Christmas hymn, “O Holy Night” depicts the disruption of light, seen from a distance, yet breaking through darkness that first Christmas thousands of years ago. As we come to our final week in Advent, we are reminded that the celebration of […]

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CCDA Advent -- Patience-01

Patience and longsuffering

Patience and longsuffering.  The essentiality of patience and longsuffering during this Advent season may be just the discovery Christians require as 2016 comes to an end. It has certainly come as a much needed discovery in my own life as the insidious beast, known as depression, debilitates members of my family this year. We are […]

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CCDA Advent -- Anticipation-01


Anticipation. It’s a positive re-frame for the simple fact that we wait for things. We wait in line to buy tea or a snack, we wait for a friend to return a phone call, we wait for our day to end, or our day to begin. We anticipate what’s coming next, and in doing so, […]

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CCDA Advent -- Hope-01

Hope: Reflections from Isaiah 11

  Advent is all about hope. Hope is that particular kind of waiting with expectation that refuses to be discouraged in the face of delay and detour. Each year during Advent we celebrate and stir hope in our hearts because the Promised One has come. Word became flesh and dwelled among us. Hope was no […]

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