Many CCDA communities see firsthand the experiences immigrants in our communities face as a result of a broken immigration system and continue to actively engage and support its betterment through association efforts and network partners. We are actively engaging people in our association and the broader community through education, leadership development, and bringing our experiences and understanding to the public square.

We recognize that churches and community-based programs within our association work alongside immigrants in a variety of ways and applaud and support the good justice work they are doing. We also recognize that systemic change is needed for holistic justice to be completed. We believe that this is most effective when immigration organizing and advocacy is directed to federal level leaders.

Immigration Partners

Collaborative Partners CCDA understands that federal policy change is highly collaborative and continues to work alongside national groups to seek change. Some of those groups include: Campaign for Citizenship Evangelical Immigration Table Bibles, Badges & Business Network Immigration Alliance Puentes Interfaith Immigration Coalition National Latino Evangelical Coalition Sojourners

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