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Thanksgiving and lament, gratitud y lamento

Thanksgiving and lament, gratitud y lamento. The both/and of kingdom theology charges us with the need to inhabit both those spaces. As Christians, we see this contrast and presence in so many places throughout Scripture. One could even argue that the themes of thanksgiving and lament are the most compelling, timeless themes in Scripture.

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Hope and expectation

I just returned from a one day trip to Detroit where we began to solidify our host committee planning with local leaders in anticipation of our national conference in October of 2017. While there’s great excitement for next year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the Camino and the 2016 national conference […]

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The Beautiful Diversity of God’s Familia

This past month I have become even more acutely aware of how diverse, complex, and amazing the human family really is. Yet, with so many differences our shared longings and capacities to love, to be kind and, regrettably, to engage in inexplicable evil unite us as well. We have quite a global human familia! All […]

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Noel Castellanos

A Letter from our CEO & President

Dear CCDA Familia, Feliz Año Nuevo! I can’t remember when I was more excited to begin a new year. After being away the first three months of 2015, I am feeling rested, energized and excited to lead CCDA into a new year of serving you, our members, as you labor to love those on the […]

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Evangelical Immigration Table 3rd Anniversary

It does not seem possible that it has been three years since I was in Washington DC with a group of evangelical leaders to launch the Evangelical Immigration Table. Up until that time, CCDA leaders like me had a firsthand understanding of how our nation’s immigration laws were impacting our neighbors, church members and friends, […]

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We are on the Camino of Life

As many of you know, I recently returned from a 6-month sabbatical from my work with CCDA. In my absence, our entire staff––but particularly Dave Clark––had to carry a huge load, for which I will be eternally grateful. While my entire sabbatical was filled with fabulous experiences and much needed rest and restoration for my […]

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A word from our CEO

Dear familia: It was so good to see many of you in Raleigh last month. We had a great time challenging one another to engage in developing flourishing neighborhoods throughout our nation and world. By all accounts, the conference was inspiring and challenging for all who attended. I invite you to put it on your […]

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Leadership Cohort 6

Leadership Cohort 6 right around corner For the first time, CCDA’s Leadership Cohort will be accepting applications from those 40 and older. Applications for Cohort 6 will be available on Monday, Oct. 20. Learn more here.

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Noel Castellanos

From the heart of our CEO: Reflections on Ferguson, MO

This past week, 25 CCDA leaders from around the nation traveled to the southern border of Texas-Mexico to see first-hand what is happening with the unaccompanied children that are being detained as they attempt to enter the United States while fleeing their Central American homelands. What we saw was heartbreaking—and devastating. While there, the small […]

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#Flourish14 workshop highlights

With some 80 workshops on this year’s #Flourish14 agenda, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Here are a few highlights: Our CEO, Noel Castellanos, will be presenting “Where the Cross Meets the Street,” also known as his CrossTalk. In addition, Shane Claiborne will be sharing about “Scrap Notes from the Revolution.”

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Networking proposal

Conference networking RFP available The CCDA National Conference is a prime venue for CCDA’s networking efforts and our pursuit of connecting CCDA members with other attendees from their area or around specific issues that are important to them. As such, we formally invite people and organizations to submit their proposals for National Conference networking sessions […]

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Noel Castellanos

Visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: A great cloud of witnesses

Reflecting on the past 12 years that I’ve been involved at a national level in trying to change our broken immigration system, I have often felt alone. I vividly remember many instances when I called or visited prominent pastors to discuss my concerns about our current immigration policy, only to be told that this was […]

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Local Network strategy launch

New strategy launches for local networks If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to gather locally with other like-minded CCDA members, then be sure to check out our CCDA Local Networks. We’ve just launched a new local-network approach, and we invite you to download our new Local Network Handbook today to discover how you—and others from […]

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Last year, we introduced Conversations by offering Healing the Divide: Conversations on Race in the United States. This year, we’re expanding this to include Stepping Into the Divide: Conversations on Engaging with the LBGTQ Community and Here and There: A Conversation about the Plight of Unaccompanied Children. We offer these conversations as opportunities for listening, learning […]

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