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Joy in Uncertainty

Different Bible translations are a true gift. Being able to read from any and every translation we can get our hands on can give us a fuller sense of how the Scriptures are speaking to us, especially when it comes to a passage that can be hard to understand. So, when I come across passages […]

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May it Be to Me

Advent is a season of believing for impossible things. In the midst of our weary, dark, and broken world, we wait for the fulfillment of the impossible: light will break through, oppression will cease, peace is possible, and salvation is imminent. This legacy of belief in the Church was mothered by the most unlikely of […]

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Over the past few months, I’ve been having an on-off conversation with my dear friend Katrina, who gave me permission to include some of her reflections here. For several years, Katrina had been confronted by a painfully unanswered prayer – the kind of unanswered prayer that disorients you. It can make you wonder if you […]

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Pay Attention: Hope is on the way!

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with some friends and acquaintances.  Over the course of the meal, the conversation evolved into one regarding racial reconciliation, and how we, as the Church can engage in this divine, yet challenging, mandate. After several minutes of discussion, a well-intentioned brother of a significantly […]

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Locked in Solidarity and Reservoir Church

In the winter of 2015, a group of eight people gathered one evening during a blizzard at the chapel of Reservoir Church to hear the story of a friend of a friend who had been incarcerated. He shared about the trauma of separation from his family, the psychological toll of prison life, and the way […]

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Space limited for Market Solutions Breakfast on Fri. Oct. 6 at the CCDA National Conference in Detroit

Community economic development — implemented collaboratively, creatively and with justice — is critical to CCDA’s vision of flourishing communities. You are invited to breakfast, networking and inspiration for implementing CCDA Market Solutions in your community. Cost is $30 per person and includes full breakfast. Space is limited so get your tickets now. Our speakers are […]

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Sandra and Salvador, valued employees at Tree of Life Café & Bakery, a Social Enterprise in Fresno, CA

Our Journey Toward Social Enterprise

When I think about the thousands of families in my city of Fresno that are affected by unemployment and the cycles of poverty entrenched in our systems, I reflect on Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mohammad Yunus’ famous words. Poverty is not created by poor people but by the system we have built, the institutions we […]

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The Liminal Space

It had already been a long day at work in Akron, Ohio, when part of our staff gathered together in the back room of the Front Porch building for a strategic planning meeting. Though our days had all looked different, all of us had been embodying our mission at South Street Ministries: “Unlikely partners taking […]

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John-Mark Hart’s Story

For a couple of decades I’ve been watching my friends and neighbors suffer due to our nation’s broken immigration system. I was slow—inexcusably slow—to join the work of changing this system. But over time the accumulation of painful memories became too substantial for me to ignore, especially the memories of my friend José. About nine […]

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I walk for my son

We walked into the apartment and the air was thick and stood still. Everyone sat frozen, avoiding our eyes. His sister stared at the television, his step-dad worked vigorously at a spot on the table. His mom was the only one… eyes locked. “Ven, siéntate, necesitamos hablar,” she managed. He grabbed a banana off the […]

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Chauncey Shillow’s Story

Abre tu boca por los mudos, por los derechos de todos los desdichados.” — Proverbios 31:8 I met Evelyn when she walked into my theatre class five and a half years ago. At that time, I did not know how much she would give to me, those students, or their school. Now I know that […]

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Brad and Kim Bandy’s Story

We’re in a world where phrases like ‘elevator pitch’ and ‘return on investment’ land deeper than business plans and seep into our spiritual beings. We find ourselves surfing the waves of social issue to social issue—trying to stay afloat, never letting ourselves be immersed with the understanding that every ‘issue’ is made up of the […]

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