Family matters: The ties that bind

leroy_barberWhen I think about why being a member of CCDA matters, I’m taken back 25 years to the neighborhood where I first began working, serving and ministering in Philly. It was an incredibly exciting time as Donna and I began a journey that would shape the rest of our lives. It was an equally challenging time, too. The thing I remember most is how lonely it felt and how I didn’t have the language at the time to explain what I was experiencing and feeling. I knew nothing about an annual conference, and back then, there were no Intensives, no Immersion, no regional cafés.

But a few years later, I walked into a CCDA conference in Birmingham, and I felt like I was home. There was family to welcome me with open arms. Now, here we are, 20 years later, and though our family has grown,
we still open our arms wide to those who dare trust God to help them live
out the 8 Key Components.

If you’re out there in the trenches, then you know the need for family is tremendous. If you haven’t joined the family yet, I pray that you will. And if you already call yourself one of our brothers and sisters? Well, our next reunion is just six months away. The biggest difference for you today versus that guy in Philly 25 years ago? You have fellow CCDA travelers to connect with all over the world, places to visit and be trained, and seasoned leaders to inspire you along the way. CCDA is truly a family, and each year our reunion provides an opportunity to celebrate, encourage, and learn from one another. In truth, the fee for CCDA membership is a small thing compared to the joy of being a part of this family.

See you in Raleigh-Durham,

Leroy Barber,
Chairman of the Board

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