2014 CCDA National Conference

Each year, the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) national conference draws more than 2,500 people from around the world to share in best practices of Christian community development (CCD). Practitioners teach workshops around relevant themes and find support by networking with others facing similar challenges. Partners offer valuable resources, assisting practitioners in their community transformation efforts. Advocates bring attention to issues affecting people at the grassroots level. And provocative speakers challenge our assumptions about what it means to embody Christ’s love as we journey together in our marginalized communities.

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September 24-27, 2014
to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

We live in a world where the gap between those who flourish and those who do not is growing continually wider, with a shortage of people responding to the call to challenge our culture of prosperity, to develop a financial system that serves rather than rules, and to care for our crippled environment–to stand against injustice. Too often the flourishing narratives being proposed and enacted actually compete with God’s instructions in Jeremiah 29:8-9.

Since creation, God’s desire has been that all people and every community would flourish, experiencing His love, His goodness, His provision, and His Kingdom in all of its fullness. God’s desire for all of creation to flourish is evident throughout scripture. But the reality in both scripture and society is that most people, most families, and most communities fall far short of God’s plans, as declared in Jeremiah 29:11.

There are those, however, who are committed to following God’s call to share life together in the hard places of this world and to engage in the struggle; whose hope is to see God’s Kingdom manifested here on earth as it is in heaven; who follow the instructions of the Lord in Jeremiah 29:7:

“Seek (inquire for, require, care for, demand) the peace and welfare of the city to which I have caused you to be carried away captive; and pray to the Lord for it, for in the welfare (completeness, wholeness, contentment, well-being) of the city in which you live you will have welfare.”

In a culture obsessed with self and individual flourishing, a culture continually telling us to look out for “No. 1,” God calls us to a grander, nobler vision. God directs us to work first for the peace and welfare of our community and reject our culture’s emphasis on comfort and complacency. At the 2014 National Conference, we will:

  • Be reminded of God’s plan for flourishing communities
  • Understand how God’s plan and our present systems differ
  • Affirm and encourage those living Jeremiah 29:7
  • Respond to the challenges of Jeremiah 29

The 2014 National Conference is an opportunity to shift our primary focus to our communites and away from ourselves, thus living out God’s plan that all creation will flourish.


Join us in Raleigh · Durham, September 24-27, 2014

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